Why you shouldn’t sleep with a pet, according to science

Sleeping with a dog or cat is usually common, but why is it not recommended.

If there’s one thing many pet owners do, it’s letting them Climb into bed to sleep With them. Although many people reject this habit, it is true that it is a very common practice for those who have it dogs or catsBecause sleeping with them gives a nice feeling of peace and security.

However, after many scientific and veterinary investigations, specialists have come to the conclusion that it is necessary Prevent pets from sleeping with their owners at night for various medical reasons.

The dangers of sleeping with your dog or cat in bed

Studies have shown the dangers of sleeping with your pet.

by studying Sleep Institute From Spain, it was found out about 14% of dogs and 33% of cats in that country sleep at night in bed with their owners. But the main problem with this, as the research shows, is A large number of diseases that can be transmitted.

There are about 250 known zoonoses More than 100 can happen during the coexistence of people and their pets. Many of them happen when an animal licks its owner or when a human hugs and kisses their animal. The best known and most likely are ringworm, roundworm, staphylococcal infection, and hookworm.

Sleep disorders and sleeping problems with your pets

Sleeping with your dog can be problematic for comfort.
Sleeping with your dog can be problematic for comfort.

Also Stady Collaboration with universities in the United States and Australia has proven that sleeping with pets It directly affects the quality of sleep the person. This is mainly due to the lack of space and the constant vigilance of animals, especially dogs.

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a analysis From 2021 made by ScienceDirect They came to similar conclusions after surveying teens who slept with their pets. Although a third of those surveyed had no sleep disturbances, the rest admitted to waking up constantly during the night because of their pets’ movements.

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