Why the UK’s smallest house has become a business for its owners

the small houses, They are increasingly present all over the world, and they have managed to make something unimaginable in fashion: living in a few square metres. The road ahead of current trends Wales has a small dwelling dating back to the 16th century And this, despite being the smallest in the country, managed to become an amazing business for its owners.

It is about extension Pier House ConwyAnd It billed itself as “the smallest house in the entire UK”, The title later confirmed by the Guinness Book. The house remained in use until 1900, when the last tenant was forced to move out due to the impossibility of living in such a small space.

The property was last occupied by a fisherman named Robert Jones, who barely fit in the space. The owner he rented from, also called Robert Jones, lived next door. With time, The place was declared uninhabitable by local authorities, in 1900. However, ownership of the home remained in the original owner’s family for generations. Currently, Jones’ granddaughter, Jean Tilley, He is in charge of the house and keeps it open to curious tourists.

From the outside, the house is amazing as it is the only one on the street painted all in red. House roof It is just over three meters high from the ground to the top of the surface, But the problem is that the unit is divided into two floors. Specifically, the property measures 3.05 x 1.8 metres.

On the first floor of the property, near the walls of Conwy Castle, is a sitting room with space for charcoal and a fireplace. It also has a hidden tap behind the stairs. Upstairs there is a small bedroom and storage space.

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The home’s interior has been retained by the current owner to give an insight into the Spartan life of a historic Welsh fisherman. Tourists from all over the world They come to the place every day to explore the house by themselves. In addition, they are greeted on special dates by a woman in traditional Welsh dress.

Admission is £1.50 for adults (US$2.06) and £1.00 for children. Visitors cannot go up to the first floor due to structural instability, but they can look out from the stairs. The house is open from spring to fall.

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