What are the requirements to enter Spain from Argentina

after European Union (EU) Argentina has been removed from the list of countries from which you can travel without restrictionsAnd Spain has tightened entry requirements for Argentines traveling to that country. The measure went into effect on Monday.

This is what sources from the Spanish embassy said T That those who have to travel in the next few hours call their airline or Urgently go to the test center at Ezeiza International Airport An antigen test results in a few hours.

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What are the new requirements for Argentines traveling to Spain

From now on, Argentine travelers must meet at least one of the three requirements set by the Spanish Ministry of Health. They are:

  • vaccination certificate, issued by the relevant authorities of the country of origin, certifying that the bearer has received a previously authorized COVID-19 vaccine European Medicines Agency oh no World Health Organization. AlsoUnauthorized vaccination certificates are not permitted by these organisms, but the last dose must be of licensed vaccines. Complete immunization guidelines are defined as those set forth in Vaccination strategy against COVID-19 in Spain. The certificate will be valid from 14 days after the full vaccination schedule has been administered.
Madrid Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport (Photo: Chema Moya/EFE)
  • Diagnostic Certificate Refers to the result of the diagnostic test for active infection with COVID-19 performed by the carrier. Those with a negative result will be valid, whose samples were obtained by:
  1. NAAT DNA amplification tests (PCR, TMA, LAMP, NEAR, etc.), within 72 hours prior to arrival in Spain.
  2. Mouse-rapid antigen test, within 48 hours before arrival in Spain. You can check the list of approved rapid tests by European Commission.
  • Recovery Certificate Confirms that the carrier has recovered from COVID-19. Those issued by the relevant authority or by a medical service will be accepted at least 11 days after the first NAAT diagnostic test with a positive result. The certificate expires 180 days after the date of sampling.
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New requirements for entering Spain
New requirements for entering Spain

What happens to Argentines under 12 who travel to Spain?

In addition, all passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea, without exception, including those traveling in transit to other countries, must complete a Health Surveillance Form (FCS) before entering Spain, via the web www.spth.gob.es or the Spain Travel Health-SpTH app.

After completing the health control form, an individual QR code will be generated that the traveler must present to the carriers before boarding the plane, as well as during health controls at the point of entry into Spain.

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Sources from the Spanish Embassy in Buenos Aires said T Children under 12 years of age are exempt from providing required certifications (vaccination, diagnosis or cure), but they must fill out a health monitoring form and obtain an individual QR code.

“this is It is mandatory for everyoneThe sources also said that the new requirements apply to all travelers from Argentina, regardless of their nationality, as Spaniards who return home from Argentina must complete them.

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