Why it is recommended to deactivate the WiFi on a cell phone when leaving home: There are two main benefits

to reach InternetIn mobile phones there are two types of communication. One is Wifi The other is the data network (3G, 4G, or 5G). They can both be on at all times or It is recommended to turn one off? Moreover, what is the cost battery Represent? What are the differences in protection?

Faced with this dilemma, many people leave Both connections are permanently activated. The truth is that the cure is worse than the disease, especially in these times when many operators provide a monthly volume of data by a wide margin.

While fixed WiFi connections usually have the ability to upload and download in unlimited megabytes, when using a 4G or 5G network, you should try to take into account mobile data consumption so that you don't burn out the entire rate in a few crazy hours. .

Although it seems that the only drawback of keeping the WiFi function active is Battery drainIn fact, there is something else that is more important: They are weak. In addition, nowadays smartphones do not consume much energy to search for networks.

In public places, it is recommended to use data networks. Photo Effy.

These free networks that a person usually uses at airports, cafes, shopping malls, restaurants or hotels, provide free access to the Internet and just a few clicks are enough to connect to the Internet.

Data exchange with the antenna is minimal and it is very difficult for an attacker to find out the name of the phone. These antennas contain… Better data encryptionThis is why even when you are abroad it is the ideal option, instead of searching for a fixed connection of questionable origin.

Public network risks

The danger of Wi-Fi.  Image: ShutterstockThe danger of Wi-Fi. Image: Shutterstock

Additionally, many of these networks don't require a password, which means your device can connect to a network without your knowledge. This shouldn't be a problem, but it does increase your chances of being attacked or locating a cybercriminal.

The more network access points a cell phone has, the more More effects and information The equipment is available to anyone. In addition, when moving with the WiFi function activated, through triangulation, it is easier for someone to detect the position you are in.

The problem with connecting to wireless networks, especially in public places, is that they seem harmless, even though they represent one of the major security vulnerabilities in the use of mobile devices.

Moreover, outside the home, by keeping this function on, the device will constantly search for wireless networks and this is not convenient, as it leaves the door open to possible attacks.

To avoid falling into the trap, all devices allow you to disable this tool and get customizable options, such as asking before connecting to a new or unknown network.

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