I’ve seen The Lord of the Rings Gollum mixing Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted, but I’m not convinced

We finally get to see the new Gollum-based Lord of the Rings game in action. We tell you what we’re thinking, how we’ll play Gollum and what we can expect from this production that promises to expand this character’s history. The most interesting aspect? Design your level.

Playing with Gollum doesn’t seem like the sexiest show in the world, does it? It is found in Middle Earth Hundreds of heroes look better Him in a video game. On a boat soon, I can think of five characters who, given their strength, strength and courage, would be perfect for this. But, oddly enough, there is a key to this video game. Video game Lord of the Rings based on Gollum Stand out in how you can benefit from it weak personality To train. Gollum is weak, creepy and has personality issues. He is not ready to fight, so the only thing he can do is hide, ambush his enemies, be smart and try to get very stealthy.

Didalik, the team that developed it, fully realized the peculiarities of the moderator corrupted by the episode, and set up a video game for stealth, platforms, exploration and decision-making. We were able to enjoy a presentation made by the producer in charge of the project. We warned that the show was old, and it was ten months old, so it was impossible to get an idea of ​​what the game would technically be like. Neither the animation nor the decorations were still equal. What looked very good was the size and design of the collections, the art direction and the representation of Tolkien’s world. Peter Jackson reimagined it.

The gameplay was reminiscent of a mix between Assassin’s Creed and UnchartedThe show started with Gollum locked up in Mordor. His mission was to escape and climb in search of an exit from the catacombs. The gameplay was reminiscent of a cross between Assassin’s Creed and UnknownJust a rickety, skinny figure. With the camera installed on his back, Gollum has shown that he can climb and climb any slope with great ease and without any mechanical complications. There were no restrictions for developing these procedures as in The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the Wild. The character is more limited when he walks, as he has to crawl, but this takes advantage of it so that no one can see him. The game’s producer explained to us that the most interesting thing about the title is In your level designAnd it was. Initially, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum It looks like a linear game of jumping and climbing, but after passing the first section, the rest of the level is revealed. The area is very vertical, with many angles and notches to allow the character to go from point A to point B as it fits him better. The blessing of this, as I said at the beginning of the article, is within character. Gollum cannot fight head-to-head. If the orc saw it and pounced on it, it would kill it. Every move you make It generates noise. Their only weapons are shadows and bounce off their enemies from behind; Yes, Gollum doesn’t kill right away, but embarrassingly like in the movies. I mean, it’s like playing Doctrine killer But with a personality that isn’t all strong, that’s interesting.

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Because playing with Gollum forces us to study the level well, determine where to climb, study the movements of the characters and little by little towards our destination. This, by the way, was fixed on the map. I managed to talk for a few minutes with Jonas Hüsges, Daedalic’s Publishing Manager, to learn more about this game and its character. From what he explained to me, in The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, there is no skill tree for the character to grow, There is also no option to not be anonymous. That is, if stealth isn’t your thing, then this isn’t your game. From time to time we will meet a well-known personality from Middle Earth Who will help usBut this is a story-centered game with a “do it yourself” character. The ease with which the Gollum has to climb, and the verticality of the scenarios, are favorable to the Middle-earth universe. In the movies we were able to see many towering towers and mountains that will meet here as well. So, the key is climbing, Be discreet And move on to the next movie scene that will continue to develop the story.

Gollum and Smeagol, the heroes of the video game

The Lord of the Rings Gollum Xbox One

On the narrative side, two things stand out. The first is the constant conversations the character has with the altered ego; Also with the phrase “my precious country,” which is how he refers to his unique ring. Gollum never stops talking to contextualize the events he just experienced. This dipole leads to Decisions We have to take it in the game. After some movies, we will have to decide who controls the body of the mediator: is it his terrifying character or the most docile. Accordingly , Certain events will change in the game. I asked Jonas Hüsges if this would affect the endgame. He did not respond to my answer on this, nor on whether the title would have eventual presidents in some of its fields. What he emphasized was that “to see the full story of the game, you will have to explore the levels carefully.” The truth is, this demo showed that Dedalic’s Gollum is faithful to the original material.

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Lord of the Rings GollumThe Lord of the Rings Gollum Xbox One

I will not deceive you. First contact with Gollum was somewhat decaffeinated. When introducing such an initial version of the game, since it’s impossible to distinguish it from the graphics, I expected to see more playable muscles. It is true that some ideas look good. Controlling a weak character that can’t make a lot of noise while navigating through wide settings appears to be great, but neither enemy AI nor Gollum’s solutions are new. The character creeps under the structuresClimb up and kill by holding down a button. I already know these mechanisms, and the presentation didn’t explain how this character would use them differently. That Jonas Hüsges didn’t want to delve more into level design or game narration, it means we don’t know if this title was You will bring something quite interesting.

For now, the only thing that seems to be trying is to adapt Gollum to the video game with solvency, tell a story and let us roam this universe. Because what is clear is that on the level of what is important, it appears that it will be of the level of the task. And it is not better to say that, because the Gollum’s ability to climb will allow us to see Middle Earth very well. But, honestly, to this day, it’s only clear to me that this Gollum is a title somewhere between Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed, with Middle-Earth in the background, a weak and disjointed protagonist who has to make decisions about his character from some time ago. To time. This means that the character adapts well to the video game, but it is necessary to learn more about what it will introduce new as a video game. We’re sure to find out in future events.

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