A difficult year due to budget cuts

with A “hostile” horizon. For students, academic activity began on Monday, the fifth of this month, in the College of Medical Sciences. Due to its large number of students, many of them are forced to constantly travel from other locations or rent in the city, and due to the complexity and strictness of its procedures and requirements, which include training in health centers at the same time. Early in the courses, it is among the academic units of Kumahu National University that are exposed to the greatest amount of risks due to the budget adjustments promoted by the nation.

After a few days, the committee members' meetings end Boards of directors For colleges and the Supreme Council of the United Nations University. There all available information will be evaluated Paths to follow To ensure completion of annual activities. This is because the academic authorities have already expressed that the budgeted amount will be sufficient for the first semester only.

Florencia Abad Toledo, general secretary of the student center, said on Sunday that the “situation is hostile” not only because of the budget constraints and their consequences, but also because of the reality of the matter. Society in general. He pointed, for example, to the impact of the abolition of the rental law and frequent increases in bus fares on the pockets of a large part of the population.

As happens to a large portion of public transportation renters and users, college students face new and more difficult challenges, to the point that the question they ask today is not, as might be expected, whether the degree they are pursuing as a project life is what they like, but directly whether They could study or not.

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One effect of this is that many students Looking for a job To help support themselves, but the jobs available are usually unstable and poorly paid.

In this case, and in light of the national economic crisis, at UNCo “Now there is no money” enough to make it work. The reality is that 90% of the budget only goes to teacher salaries, which is largely “unrealistic” because it is so low.

A tool for social change

The Medical Student Center and the Aluvión Estudiantentil group it integrates envision “the life project of being a professional” as a “life project,” said Commander Florencia Abad Toledo. A tool for societal change“.

For this reason, volunteer activities and social commitment are promoted not only within the university, but above all, trying to help the community Sectors most at risk Of the population.

He noted that students of medical professions should be particularly sensitive to people's needs for training on problems that affect lives.

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