Why is the “Dreamplace” phenomenon taking Netflix by storm, and you still don’t know it?

In the US, A Place to Dream is one of the most watched series on Netflix, but not in Spain

Television has taught us over the past 10 years that there are still geographic barriers that are difficult to overcome. Thus, in Sky Showtime you can see Yellowstone And its multiple spin-offs, which sweep Netflix as the most watched each year, while in the rest of the world it doesn’t even have a name Kevin Costner Draws attention. in Netflix The same thing happens with the romantic drama titled A Place to Dream (Virgin River) Which just released its fifth season. In North America, it is one of the most important series for the streaming platform flow; In Spain, it is almost unknown.

If you are wondering what ingredients it contains A Place to Dream (Virgin River) To conquer the American audience and why it has not yet caught on in Spain, here are 3 Reasons to watch this simple romantic drama, but with many addictive ingredients.

Love from all four sides

Far from those love stories in which an attempt is made to change the genre, the scenario A Place to Dream (Virgin River) It can’t be too simple: A man meets a woman and vice versa, and suddenly love blossoms. A plot complemented by thousands of twists in the scenario that allowed for this It reaches its fifth season in top formdespite the fact that the initial premise has been reduced to a very choral story, with many characters and many secrets.

Season 1 introduces us Melinda MonroeA young woman who wants to start over and leave Los Angeles responds to an advertisement to work as a nurse in the small town of Virgin River, in Northern California, near the Rocky Mountains. But once he finds himself there, he discovers that life is not as simple as he expected.. And he’s already on his way to Season 6!

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A place for a dream is an enormous white chain

It is impossible for anyone to feel insulted A Place to Dream (Virgin River) When their story is “white” and boring. And be careful, this could be impedimentBut the series solves it in an engaging way by engaging characters in stories that many of us will feel represented in. Suppose that in Spain, A Place to Dream (Virgin River) It would be the equivalent of those hit ‘family’ sitcoms of the 2000s that kept young and old glued together in front of the screen.

Just because it’s “white” doesn’t mean it’s a bad series

Of course, being “white” does not exempt you from applying Many dramas By which our hearts shrink. Many puzzles rely on stereotypes and cliches, but this miraculously works. Thanks in part to a cast who’s already used to giving life to these “very lively” characters.

Virgin River Dream Landscape

Virgin River, A place to dream In Spanish, it’s a series that also stands out technically, not because of the high budget or surprising special effects (which obviously don’t need them). The thing is that It’s visually beautiful thanks to the landscape that takes away the hiccups. Now, there’s a catch: Located in Northern CaliforniaIn a small fictional town called Virgin River, But it was registered in the suburbs of Vancouver (Canada) for tax advantages, hence its forests, mountains and lakes.

A place to dream
The landscape in “A Dream Place” is beautiful and I actually want to travel there

definitely, A place to dream (Virgin River) is as great a series as it is stereotypical, which is why it has won over all kinds of audiences in the US and Canada. In Spain, it has not yet attracted viewers, but I assure you it will sooner or later, especially after making sure that Season 6 has already begun..

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