Why companion animals contribute to the physical and mental health of their owners

When it comes to sharing affection, the heart knows no bounds. Animals on this path may be light years ahead of us. This is why it is not uncommon to come across stories like mine Wally, crocodile American 7 years and 1.5 meters, He is licensed to love, instead, to provide emotional support to a human being.

His calm and easygoing personality won over Joe Heaney, A 68-year-old man adopted him after he rescued him In Florida (USA), he is now his faithful friend, the one who accompanies him to the park or shopping in the supermarket.

Although it is not common for a human to adopt a crocodile, it is common to see how animal species differ, especially pets such as Cats, dogs and even horses, cows, sheep and goats steal smiles and make the day of mankind. These living beings have already left their adoptive homes to illuminate other day-to-day scenarios for their owners.

At the women’s gym in Bogota, for example, there has been an emotional support program in which dogs have been an essential part for four years. “With the perspective of expanding existing tools to improve student well-being, we paired Mark Lee (dog educator) and dogs as part of this programBecause we know that the relationship that is established between dogs and our society is increasingly appreciated and taken into account in society, ”says María José Caro, dean of the women’s gym.

Having pets in childhood improves children’s social behavior. Image: iStock

It is not an exceptional case. The Congress of the Republic of Colombia declared itself last September Pet friendly And members of Congress can go to work with their pets. And the Taxis Libres team “hired” services Four cats are responsible for fun and entertainment To collaborators and clients of this company.

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It is undoubtedly a win for animals and humans because, on the one hand, pets find a home where they are given affection, shelter, and food, and they, in turn, teach their owners responsible ownership and engender a protective bond. And they also give “Happiness, security, awakening love and concern for the other”Caro confirms the dean of the educational center.

More and more offices are becoming pet-friendly. Photo: iStock

In the case of this institution, the dogs are taught to have “impeccable behavior, orderly energy, focus on receiving caresses and certain specific commands to help improve mood and provide emotional support to girls, teachers and administrative staff.” In addition to generating awareness among students Helping reduce pet abuse and neglect.

“Each type of animal that is rescued and adopted differs in its behavior, personality, and personality, but there is no arguing that whether they are cats or dogs, to name a few, the most common animals in our homes, they benefit the mental, physical, and emotional health of all family members.” explains Ana Cristina Maldonado, a human animal therapist.

In addition to bringing joy and helping to relieve stress and treat anxiety and depression, They teach us, as in the case of cats, to be more affectionate, but at the same time more independent – says Natalia Matiron Ruiz, a veterinarian -; And in the case of dogs, in order to socialize more easily, and by having to take them out for a walk as part of the care we have to give them, they encourage us to move around and stop sitting.”

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