WhatsApp will allow you to send high quality photos and videos

WhatsApp is working on a native tool to transfer photos and videos in high quality (EFE / Ritchie B. Tongo / File)

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that allows users to send photos and videos in a higher quality than the current one.

It was developed through the specialized portal WABetaInfo. The feature, which appears in the latest WhatsApp beta versions for Android mobile phones ( and, is still under development.

Until now, the photos and videos sent via WhatsApp are automatically compressed, which can cause some content to lose its quality compared to the original file, so the delivery is faster.

With the new functionality, as revealed by the portal, users will be able to choose from three different options in storage and data settings, and the quality of videos and photos shared in chats.

The first is automatic, which is recommended by the application, the second allows you to send content “in the best quality” and the last to activate data saving.

The app explains in the same functionality under development that when choosing the best quality, “images (or videos, where applicable) are heavier and may take longer to send.”

The trick to send photos and videos without losing quality

The above service is still under development (EFE / Marcelo Sayão / Archive)
The above service is still under development (EFE / Marcelo Sayão / Archive)

As mentioned, images lose their quality and do not look the same on the source device when sent via WhatsApp. However, there is a process by which the file does not undergo any kind of reduction and is transmitted in original resolution.

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distance Open the conversation, the person must press the button to attach, which is represented by a logo clip bottom right of the screen. in that area a popup Where the shipping options are displayed and this is where the first relevant action must be performed, since the user You should not choose the option Gallery, but that document.

Once you choose this option, a menu will be displayed where you can Select the file you want to send, but you must click on the section Find other documentslocated at the top of the screen. This will show a new series of files Last, then, the user must touch an option Three horizontal lines, which will open the menu open from, where photos, videos and audios are in the highest possible quality.

It should be noted that Options are not distributed the same way On all phones, so the user must Make the image exist that you want to send in advance so you don’t lose it during the process.

Other platforms like cable Take advantage of the same dynamic that he suggested The WhatsApp to send Photographs of the best quality; However, there are other options like we move a Mega, which are very useful services because they load images into a file original weight.

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