“Are those who put their brothers to receive illicit money prosecuted?”: Vicente Fox criticized AMLO brother’s video

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This Friday, the former president Vicente Fox He wondered if “those who put their brothers to receive illicit money” would also be prosecuted, after journalist Carlos Loret de Mola released a video It appears that Martín Jesus Lopez Obrador, the president’s younger brother, is receiving 150,000 pesos in cash from the hand David Lyon, former coordinator of civil protection.

through your account TwitterFox Kisada pointed out: “One question, is he also going after those who put their brothers on illicit money?”

After the video was published, a number of opposition politicians responded to their accounts on social media, asking about the actions of the president’s brother, because they would represent acts of corruption, and it is precisely the activity that the president says he intends to eliminate.

According to the reporter, The video corresponds to the year 2015, when Morena – a politician founded by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – had its first electoral participation as a party. Thus, it is assumed that the said funds were used in the campaigns, without informing the National Election Institute, of the commission of an “election crime”.

In the recording, which was filmed in the home of the then-political operator of the former governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco, located in Tuxtla Gutierrez, you can hear:

– “This is my savings. I will give it to you and write it down.”David Lyon said.

– “No, my friend. We rule it out.”Martin Lopez replied.

The dialogue will confirm that they periodically received an amount of money equal to a larger amount. On that occasion, Martin Jesus received 150 thousand pesos in cash.

Photo: Alejandro Segara/Bloomberg
Photo: Alejandro Segara/Bloomberg

This morning, Chief And Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that publishing the video was only intended to harm him, but insisted that if any of his relatives committed a crime and evidence was available, the corresponding complaint should be filed.

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When a reporter asked about the existence of this new recording, Lopez Obrador stressed that everything revolved around the “black campaign” of his opponents, but – he stressed – “we have always come out unscathed from the slander.”

“I think the intent is to hurt me or try to harm me, it’s my opponent’s usual black campaign, we’re already used to it, but we also always got out of the slander unscathed. This video from yesterday is consistent with other videos from other times, I understand it’s Even a personal matter and they are turning it into a political matter.According to the information about this new video, it was a personal deal between David and my brother, regardless of their association with each other, they come together to prove that the money is for the campaign, public money and money for me, which is not true, it is this Simplicity, confirmed.

During his morning conference Friday, the CEO reiterated that if a family member committed a crime, he should be prosecuted.

“For this reason also if a brother, or a brother-in-law, or a cousin, or a daughter-in-law, or any relative, and you have also mentioned that since you took possession, commits a crime, they must be tried, there must be no impunity. We have cost access. To the presidency a lot, it has been an effort of several generations, the suffering of many people, so many of them lost their lives to get into the government and this our opponents do not understand, they do the same, he, steals, lies, betrays the people … well, no, we come so Things really change and it’s not a matter of family, friends or co-workers. They may have been comrades in the struggle for many years, but they relax, corrupt…the law, without regard…we can’t let the people down”, he completed.

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