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Abandoned is the first person to shoot that promises a cinematic experience in 4K and 60fps.

The Official PlayStation Blog Secretly presented, a new horror game called abandoned, Which will arrive exclusively for PS5 In the same year. He did this by revealing the first details, photos, and trailers from the hand Hassan Kahraman, Director of the game developed by the studio Blue Box Games StudiosFrom Holland.

This independent development promises to be Survival first person shooter, Promises a good dose of horror and immersive cinematic style. Its open environments aim to be the ideal place to favor a realistic approach to survival, and the player does not feel safe at any time.

The protagonist of the story is called Jason LongfieldWho wakes up in a strange forest, is completely deserted and does not know how he got there. He soon discovers that he has been kidnapped and that he has been taken there with a dark purpose, so his main goal will be to escape from the scene.

First Person Survival Tactic – Promises abandoned“We want to provide a unique and personalized gaming experience that feels realistic. Every event affects your character. If Jason runs out of breath after a run (or is scared), his shooting accuracy will suffer.” Unlike the action and shootout titles, firing weapons in abandoned will be extremely slow. “You have to be an expert in tactics,” says Kahraman.

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Thus, according to its creators, the game is focused on telling a story and making us feel terrified, that we won’t be able to run and shoot like in a shooter, but we will have to. Hide and be very safe before shooting“We want you to be nervous in every encounter with enemies,” says the director. “Be aware that the wrong move can be the deciding factor between staying alive or not.”

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To achieve this realism, Blue Box wants to rely on all of the PS5 options. Command Dual Sense It will make players feel all of the character’s interactions, even when hit by a bullet. And pulling the trigger on a loaded or unloaded pistol would look different. The 3D sound will also increase the immersion. Plus the graphic aspect that promises the original decision 4K and 60 frames per second With realistic graphics.

Finally, its authors are promising a video with a soon-to-be gameplay and a release of Fourth quarter of 2021. But we have to be patient.

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