WhatsApp: What is it and how does Halloween mode work? Download everything to update your Halloween

less than a week from HalloweenIt’s the perfect time to update and decorate your smartphone to go with Halloween. So, The WhatsApp It allows you to activate a special mode dedicated to one of the funniest celebrations of the year.

The Halloween mode for the instant messaging platform consists of a temporary option that you can activate with a free app and a series of simple steps that we explain here.

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On October 31 every year, millions of people decorate their homes and organize masquerade parties to welcome Halloween, the night of the witches. So that you are not neglected and your smartphone is compatible with the celebration, follow this simple guide.

Put your WhatsApp in Halloween mode with these simple steps. (Photo: Pixabay)

How to activate Halloween mode in WhatsApp

1. for Adjust The first thing you should do for WhatsApp in Halloween mode is Download from Google PlayStore an application called Nova LauncherAnd the Application for Android Framed within the OS launchers set. Among other features, this app will give you a choice customize appearance your device, screens, icons, wallpapers and styles.

It is important to clarify that Nova Launcher he is Free app This is not part of The WhatsApp But this does not cause any harm to your account, nor does it ask you for access codes. its just Theme changer plugin from the app. Nova Launcher It also has a paid option, with more features, called Nova Launcher Primewhich is not necessary to download to activate Halloween mode in WhatsApp.

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two. After installing the file Nova LauncherYou will need to open the application. Under its composition, you choose Create a new layoutor choose one that’s already made

This way, your smartphone will have two different looks: which comes by default and which you can use it with Nova Launcher.

3. Establish Nova Launcher as the default desktop.

four. Now, this step depends on your skills: you will have to Search google for an image From the WhatsApp icon with the Halloween design you like. As a suggestion, you can enter “WhatsApp logo Halloween png” in the search engine, and you will see many options.

The internet is full of spooky images to use as symbols at Halloween.  (Photo: Pixabay)
The internet is full of spooky images to use as symbols at Halloween. (Photo: Pixabay)

5. Once you download the image in PNG format to your cell phone, open Nova LauncherFind the WhatsApp icon and choose the option release.

6. Now select the image you saved from the Halloween icon and that’s it.

since then, Every time you start your smartphone with the player Nova Launcher, you will see the new WhatsApp icon. When you get bored, just change your device settings to start with the original Launcher and you will see it again with its usual look.

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How to change the rest of the application icons on your smartphone

Nova Launcher Allow you Various configurations and styles. You can also change the appearance of all your icons, for example Gmail, TikTok, Messenger, Instagram, for different images, customized or themed.

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To do this, you only need Search Google for an alternative image in PNG for the application icon you want to change. And when you get tired, uninstall Nova Launcher And you’ll get all the usual tokens back.

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