Lacale Po, who is embroiled in a controversy over a hair treatment involving an Argentine doctor

Montevideo: Controversy has been building in Uruguay for days For the hair treatment that President Louis Lacalle Poe underwent. It all started when the local digital medium southeast It published that the government approved a decree in June 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, that Argentinian doctor Bruno Zipperman was authorized to enter the country so that he could treat the president. Since then, the discussion has begun on social networks.

The decree allowing entry was signed by the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado. The same official admitted on Tuesday that Szyferman’s entry was authorized, But not to treat Lacalle Pou.

We will stop glorifying politics. We’ll be serious about this.”When asked by the press about the journalistic complaint, Delgado said. “There was a doctor who made it clear that he came as an investor in a franchise matter, a multinational, in that framework he came and empowered it. The Argentine came, doing his papers, as the owner of a property, a hotel, an institution or a company, he comes to the board meeting. With health precautions, he is empowered in this case,” Delgado explained.

This had nothing to do with the president’s intervention. Now, that they’ve synced up with the clinic, it seems to me pretty impossible to beat the boss (for that)”he added.

Asked if there were any exceptions in the regulations for the treatment of the president, Delgado said “obviously not”, specifying that A total of 394 decisions were made to allow entry to about 30,000 foreigners during the pandemic.

Presidential Decree SP/940 of June 21 last year allows “extraordinary entry into our country For reasons of urgency and urgency, which are understood to be justifiedBut the press complaint warned that the regulations in force at the time stipulated that the emergency decree should give details The “factual and legal reasons” for which the exception was permitted.

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On the other hand, in a letter published by journalist Leonardo Sarro, Szyferman himself claimed that he did not treat the president. He noted that he is the medical director of Capilea Internationally, a company with a branch in Montevideo. “In my role as an international director, I have Assistance, coordination and visits to Capilea’s various headquarters, including the headquarters in Uruguay. It should be noted that I do not provide medical care outside my country other than providing medical advice“, claimed.

“With regard to hair transplantation for the President of Uruguay, as Global Director of Capilea, I have knowledge that it was performed with Cabilia Uruguay’s medical director, Dr. Gabriela Novello.‘, accurate. This was later confirmed by Novello herself.

The Uruguayan doctor who performed the intervention also spoke and explained it The president had two hair surgeries, one in October 2020 and the other in June last year, and attended the foundation several consultations before and after the treatment. “He came to the consultation as another patient,” he added.

Novello admitted that Szyferman’s visit to Uruguay coincided with the intervention of the president but Did not interfere with the process. He confirmed that the Argentine traveled “completely for work issues.”

With information from El País / GDA


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