Wimbledon is considering changing its dress for women in 2023 due to menstruation

The world of sports is changing in accelerating rallies. One of those who are already considering changing their rules is an entire institution like Wimbledon. The London Championships have always been very reluctant to be flexible when it comes to their outfits, but that could change in 2023.

Tradition has always distinguished this in the tournament played in All England Club Tennis players should wear impeccable white clothing. It looks like this will change in the women’s version for next season. A fundamental change has a profound cause.

Players’ concern about wearing pure white during menstruation may break this old norm. After raising the voice of several tennis players inside the ring, this caused the organization to consider a change for the next tournament. Of course, his shirt must be white if this modification to the rule occurs. So they can choose the color of the skirts or pants.

Paula Padusa kicks the ball.


Protests in the ring

Many players raised their voices on the matter. The last one was the coach Gudmore. before the dispute King Billie Jean Cupmother of dew s Jimmy He wanted to emphasize in an interview in SportMail the problems arising from this situation.

I think more female players should talk openly about it The shock it can cause if you wear all white and lose while playing. I can’t think of a more traumatic experience than that,” the former UK captain explained about a possible change.

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He added that “all games are being televised and televised now, and this is something that has to be taken into account. When something like this becomes a topic of discussion, decisions need to be made about it.”

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Another tennis legend as it is Billie Jean King He also expressed at the time his dissatisfaction with the rule, which is still in force. Winner 39 Grand Slams Of all the modalities, he was completely dissatisfied with their continuity and demanded change as soon as possible.

Billie Jean King, tennis player and writer

Billie Jean King, tennis player and writer


“In my generation, we were always worried about wearing white all the time. What you wear is important during your period. And we always check if it shows. You live in tension because we are the first to entertain and want to be immaculate and look cool. We are animators and we want Transfer our soul to people,” he stated in CNN. Support for change by two people who have a voice in tennis.

And soon after, Wimbledon’s answer was transmitted to network television. The tournament released a statement in response making it clear that the rule was already under review.

“Prioritizing women’s health and supporting female athletes based on their individual needs is extremely important to us and we are in discussions with Women’s Tennis Associationwith the manufacturers and the medical teams on ways we can do that,” Wimbledon said, explaining that they are listening to their players.

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