What will the premiere of the series “Sálvame” be like on Netflix: a “luxurious” start with a nod to traditional television

A promotional image for the series Every Man for Himself, which premieres November 10 on Netflix. (Europa Press/Netflix)

musical composition Save me It was last broadcast on air on June 23 after 14 years of continuous broadcast on Mediaset. The space, which marked the before and after in the history of Spanish television, seemed as if it would be forgotten and forgotten in the memories of its most loyal viewers. However, his farewell was short: Netflix announced that Telecinco’s star program would be New life on your platform.

After several months of filming in the United States and Latin America, the new La Fábrica de la Tele space is about to make its debut on the platform. flow. he com. docurreality Every man for himself! will be released Next November 10 On Netflix.

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A few days ago, it was an entertainment platform Promoting the long-awaited comeback to Save me Through social media, he posted small clips revealing some details of the adventure that is about to begin.

Collaborators with
“Sálvame” collaborators, in the Netflix promotional image.

Eight faces of the stars Signed to be part of this original and revolutionary new project include Belén Esteban, Cello García Cortés, Tirillo Campos, Kiko Matamoros, Lidia Lozano, Victor Sandoval, and María Patiño. They will all have a task to accomplish: move to software packages similar to those offered by Jorge Javier Vázquez in his day.

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The first part will consist of three 45-minute episodes, and will premiere on film A very competitive time slotFrom a television standpoint and from an audience standpoint. Netflix usually releases its shows at 9:00 AM so that the audience can enjoy the content at any time of the day. However, on this occasion, taking into account that the platform saved television space, the video giant wanted to make a direct reference to the small screen.

Every man for himself! The premiere will take place at the scheduled time Peak time When providing content to your customers From 9:00 pm, Which means, in other words, that it presented itself as a direct competitor to traditional television. This is the movement that the platform made by surprising many flow And he called Luxurious premierereferring to a parallel-space version: Save me deluxewhich was broadcast on Telecinco every Friday night.

Belén Esteban, before heading to Miami to record the new documentary reality
Belén Esteban, before heading to Miami to record the new reality documentary “Sálvame”. (Netflix)

This is the first batch It will be held in Miami, where the cast of collaborators will try to find a place in the Spanish-speaking television spaces. As can be seen in the official Netflix trailer, while searching for a job, all of them will show their essence through surreal moments, laughter, crying, fights, and of course, abandonment protocols.

The platform announced the second installment of three more episodes for the beginning of 2024, with the idea that “memes will accompany us for a longer time.” On this occasion, the adventure of the eight collaborators will take place in Mexico. “Let’s get the gazpacho ready Kleenex And psychologists and water with mystery and let’s get together with friends to see together Every man for himself!“.

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