What vaccines are recognized by the European Union against Covid-19

The European Medicines Agency only recognizes Four approved vaccines for Covid-19This means that they alone will be able to enter most of the countries that make up the continent. However, many countries are beginning to learn about other vaccines and exceptional cases of entry into their territory.

Recognized vaccines are those of laboratories Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca (double dose) and Johnson & Johnson (single dose). This leaves vaccines of Chinese origin like Sinopharm, Sinovac y Cancino, in the same way as the Russian vaccine Sputnik and the Indian version of AstraZeneca, better known as coffeeshield. None of them were approved, but little by little many countries began to recognize them.

Bearing in mind that Chinese and Russian vaccines were prevalent in Latin America, they have begun to make entry more flexible in some European countries, such as the case of France, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom (which is no longer part of the European Union), which already allows entry to those with Covishield.

Also, both Spain, like Holland and Austria They learn about Chinese vaccines from Sinopharm and Sinovac for travelers from abroad. It requires two doses and one week to a month after the second injection – depending on the type of vaccine – for the vaccination to be considered active.

50% of the Argentine population already has two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine

For the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, only some countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia and Cyprus Admission of travelers who present a certificate of dual vaccination with Sputnik V.

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ItalyFor its part, it could create an exception to allow entry into its territory its own citizens – several times holders of dual citizenship – who have been vaccinated abroad with Russian or Chinese vaccines, without knowing the exact date of the entry into force of such a measure.

What about group vaccines?

If you receive one dose of Sputnik and another of a vaccine authorized by the European Union, such as Moderna, you will not meet the requirements to enter France as a tourist, a country that requires two doses of one of the four recognized vaccines.

As for travelers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, they must provide a “compelling” reason to travel to enter some countries, or spend a period of isolation. For tourist reasons this would be impossible.

As a precaution, before traveling, it is recommended to consult the relevant country’s consulate for the latest health requirements and possible exceptions for force majeure.

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