Armed forces: details of the purchase of defense aircraft closed by Argentina with Norway

In parallel with the negotiations conducted by the Ministry of Defense to purchase supersonic aircraft, the Argentina has already concluded an agreement with Norway for the purchase of 4 aircraft Long range marine exploration Lockheed Martin P-3 Oren To use the Navy to control illegal fishing in the South Atlantic for up to 200 miles.

This is a buy for More than 67 million dollars Which will be funded by Norway over a period of three years. The Navy’s P-3 Orion aircraft will be used to augment its surveillance missions in the Argentine Sea due to illegal fishing, which is progressing indiscriminately.

In the latest report of the Chief of Staff, Augustine Rossi To the congress held last week, it was detailed that “there are advanced talks with the Kingdom of Norway to purchase 3/4 of the P3 aircraft with all Logistical support that allows for a sustainable system over time over the next twenty years.”

The Norwegian P-3 Orion will be able to patrol the entire South Atlantic

Is that qualified sources from the Department of Defense that lead Jorge Taiana confirmed to the historian The agreement with Norway to purchase the Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion has already been concluded. Negotiations were closed with Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency (NDMA) Under the supervision of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense. This issue has already been analyzed in detail by the Argentine defense and naval authorities.

According to the information, the agreement with Norway includes agreement with the United States Two of the four planes currently on display are in Washington for maintenance and inspection services. The remaining two aircraft to be purchased are operational and will continue in Norway until next June and July, at which time they will be transferred to the United States and then sent to Argentina.

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The P-3 Orion has the distinction of being there Long range reconnaissance aircraft with a wide variety And the possibility of carrying out various tasks of patrolling and controlling marine spaces and a Search SAR also Anti-submarine flights. It’s that the technology they have is completely digital.

All the negotiations that have taken place with Norway are taking place in parallel with those negotiations Argentina, together with China, the United States and Denmark, began purchasing the JF-17 supersonic aircraft. These negotiations have not yet been closed and are part of a geopolitical game in which Washington and Beijing confront each other.

Technical details

Regarding the P-3 Orion, Navy and Defense technicians confirm that this is a Norwegian aircraft They were able to cover a wide radius of action of 1,500 nautical miles (2,780 km), In addition to its autonomy for 12 hours of flight, which will allow it to cover the Argentine sea coast, the continental platform and Antarctica without problems, allowing it to stay in a specific area or region for long periods.

Defense Minister Jorge Taiana closed the deal with Norway for $67 million

It is estimated that these aircraft have the ability to operate in all types of weather and allow operation from any base or airport on the sea coast, facilitating their presence in a specific area in a relatively short period of time, which is essential for search and rescue operations. .. (search and rescue. search and rescue)

It has also been detailed that these aircraft have the ability to carry various search sensors, such as radars and camera systems linked to their counterparts. Communication systems allow the collection, processing and transmission of data in real time. They also have a variety of items used for search and SAR assistance, such as torches, sea line for drowned persons, as well as items needed for anti-submarine and surface action.

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The government faced the risk that the electoral race would derail the administration

These long-range exploration aircraft have a service life extension programme, consisting of a complete replacement of the wings, which allows them to have, on average, 17,000 flying hours remaining.

It was Norway’s offer to Argentina 67 million US dollars whose financing is planned with the Norwegian government agency NDMA to be settled, In a period of three (3) years (30%, 40% and 30% respectively each year), According to detailed defense sources who were in charge of the negotiations.

In addition, this negotiation includes the equipment installed in the aircraft as well as previous maintenance tasks.

“The opportunity to get the aircraft is perfect, as Norway is canceling its program and closing its base, finding the aircraft in a very good state of maintenance, preservation and operating condition. This opportunity includes a huge range of parts, accessories, test seats and tools to be used in its maintenance” the historian qualified defense sources.

At the same time, it was emphasized that the Norwegian proposal has a “significantly lower cost” compared to other proposals submitted at the end of 2022 by other countries. To pay for these aircraft, the National Defense Fund will be available.

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