What does Queen Charlotte smell in Bridgerton on Netflix?

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brown powder Aspiring Queen Charlotte during some of the sequels of season two has a name. It is called snuff and is a type of tobacco obtained after grinding the leaves of the tobacco plant.

Dust that appears on Netflix Can be combined with spices It achieves a different taste and aroma than tobacco alone. Although tobacco is illegal, it causes addiction and health risks such as cancer.

According to the Seville newspaper, This article was very popular During the Regency era in which Bridgeton is located and in the 18th century it was used by people of all social classes in the United Kingdom.

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However, when Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (who inspired Queen Charlotte of The Bridgerton) began using it, it became Featured Nobility and aristocracy.

since then sniff sniff It became a sign of prestige and gave Queen Charlotte the nickname Snuffy Charlotte (Snuff Charlotte), as she had a luxurious box made of precious materials to keep out dust.

The actress who plays Queen Charlotte, Golda Rochevel, revealed in an interview with “Desideer” that I didn’t really inhale snuff During the filming of “Bridgerton” but a harmless powder like sugar.

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