Well-being and happiness as two strategic values ​​in employee productivity

according to Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), Mexico is a member country with business hours Long. in this meaning, World Health Organization The World Health Organization estimates that 75% of workers in Mexico suffer from Effects of fatigue syndrome, the highest level in the whole world. Given this, it is necessary Promote well-being and happiness as a strategic value On the employee productivitycompanies and countries.

The World Health Organization lists burnout syndrome as a occupational hazardBecause it is an increasingly well-known and diagnosed disorder. This disorder is also called Work burnout syndrome, denotes factor exhaustion manifested through Lack of physical and mental energy of the worker, which directly affects his productivity and physical and mental health.

At the end of 2019, it was Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (STPS) included Mexican Standard 035 (NOM35) with a view to Identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risks Derived from work stress. For example, anxiety disorders, depression, digestive problems, inorganic sleep disorders or extreme stress are some of the conditions experienced by company employees. can suffer to be in Inappropriate organizational and work environment.

According to the information received from Harvard Business Review iGallupHigh levels of happiness and well-being help organizations be more Healthy, Positive and Resilient. According to the researchers, this leads to a 300% increase in innovation, a 44% increase in sales, and a 31% increase in productivity.

In this context, the consultants on organizational happiness in Latin America live 13.5 degrees Hold a press conference for the second edition of International Happiness Ranking: Hero Companies To define evaluation criteria and main objectives. In this sense, the first edition of the ranking has allowed many organizations and companies in Mexico and Latin America to emerge How do they take care of the welfare and happiness of their collaborators?. Thus, companies and organizations have been given the task of designing and implementing new practices to maintain balance in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial matters.

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Among the topics covered in Consulting in the second edition, the importance of recognizing organizations that seek to achieve emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and financial balance for their collaborators. As well as promoting well-being and happiness as a strategic value in the productivity of both employees, countries and companies.

Similarly, companies in this ranking stand out in their mission to Create, define and empower healthy, positive, resilient and productive organizations. A consulting firm dedicated to organizational happiness named these organizations as “Corporate Hero”provided to their collaborators Psychological and social health and safety, generating a Flexible regulatory environmentPositive and fruitful.

“We will continue to look for more organizations to reward and positively influence them to recognize them as champions in this second edition.” Indian Nancy Martinez, CEO of Live 13.5°. similarly, Lina Betancourt, one of hero hunters (judges companies heroine) explained at a press conference with access to NotepressAnd “We started looking for ways and methodology how to measure and what we expect from the happiness of our collaborators”.

Existing organizations Ranked as champion companies They will receive physical recognition that approves them as such and be entitled to use the seal. Likewise, they will be given Global Happiness Award for Best Company A book on organizational best practices for happiness. On the other hand, a scholarship will be awarded to two people Total global happiness, at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica.

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