Science says that generosity has differences between the right and the left

Generosity shows important differences between people with an ideology Leavewho tend to be more altruistic outside national boundaries, and those rightswho are more generous and altruistic with organizations in their country.

A team of researchers came to this conclusion after conducting a study in which they analyzed the responses of nearly 50,000 people from 68 different countries, and today they have published the results of their work in the journal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

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The work was carried out by researchers from the IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca, the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and the University of Milan Bicocca.

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The survey was conducted during the months of April and May 2020 with the aim – as reflected today in the publication – to examine the psychological factors behind Different attitudes and behavioral intentions related to covid-19, to determine if and how political ideology is related to generosity.

To measure political ideology, participants were asked to state their political leanings on a scale from 0 (very left) to 10 (very right); To measure generosity, the researchers used participants’ donation decisions to a national or international charity.

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The task was to answer what percentage of the amount of money people keep and how much they give to a national or international charity working to protect people in the pandemic. In this way they established three different types of vineyard: one oriented towards the country of origin, with local roots, called the national vineyard; the second, more global, directed beyond national borders and towards the international community, and is called international generosity; And the third, the sum of the two, is generally known as generosity.

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Those who showed a tendency to the left were more likely to be generous internationally, and those on the right to donate and help domestically, according to the researchers, who also found that a tendency to be generous was also directly linked to the good governance of each country.


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