“We don’t hold a grudge.” Hours before the premiere, The Day Before creators sent a message to untrustworthy people who accused the game of being a scam – The Day Before

They stress that they “didn’t take a dime from anyone” and that the game will be released on Steam on December 7th

Since its announcement, doubts have far outweighed certainties. Launching… launching… taking off yesterday In Early Access form it will be a year later than we initially expected, but it’s just around the corner. It will be released on December 7, 2023 after being crowned the most anticipated game on numerous occasions. steam. The proximity of history has not resolved all the unknowns. The condition that caused For its developers to issue an official statement. They apologize for their mistakes and not knowing how to manage everything surrounding the project. However, they stress that this is a five-year dream that is about to come true.

It’s coming now, but there are still doubts about the day before

Although thanks to all the users who trusted the premiere, the statement issued by the creators of The Day Before Focuses on players they don’t trust. “For those who didn’t believe it: We made this game for you too. We accept all kinds of criticism and don’t hold any grudges,” they said. In addition, they added three requests: “Please don’t accuse us of fraud. That’s not true. We haven’t taken a dime from anyone. Please don’t accuse us of stealing resources either. That’s not true either. Our Team” We’ve been working day and night for five years to achieve This dream. Please do not underestimate our work. It wasn’t easy. We are like you and we work hard. We are very happy that our game can see the light of day from today.”

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The truth is The doubts surrounding the game have not disappeared yet. Although it is clear that the situation has not been entirely positive for the developers, the fact is that they have been able to take advantage of it while maintaining almost absolute secrecy. Not many details are known, and although this has helped attract more interest from the community, it also increases user distrust. To this we must add the fact that amazing It is a company with very little experience that has so far only dared to undertake small projects, and is becoming more ambitious by the day.

As a reminder, the previous day is An open world MMO survival game Where we will encounter “bloodthirsty infected and survivors who kill each other for food, weapons or vehicles.” In that sense, it has many elements that resonate with PC gamers. Additionally, according to its Steam page, it should also include shelter building mechanics. We’ll know if it’s good or bad in just a couple of days. However, many will certainly find it interesting to get to the end of this long story.

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