Vulnerable places for Paris 2024 during the month of July

July picks up the baton from June with the final two days of the European Games and the qualifying rounds for the Under-21 Football Championship. Already in the middle of the month, two more competitions will give direct Olympic places to Paris-2024. This is the world championship in swimming and mixed triathlon.

There are also many open Olympics by categories: taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, MTB, triathlon, archery, golf, skateboarding, judo, track cycling, BMX racing, weightlifting, archery, road cycling , 3×3 basketball, horseback riding, beach volleyball, fencing, badminton and modern pentathlon. From July 7, the Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup Finals ranking has started.

The ten places obtained by Spain so far, for a total of 14 athletes in Paris 2024, have been achieved by Fatima Gálvez in shooting, the rhythmic gymnastics group – Ines Bergois, Mireya Martínez, Ana Arnau, Selma Solon, Valeria Marquez and Patricia Perez -, Maria Perez, Alvaro Martín and Diego García by obtaining the minimum distance of 20 kilometers, Miguel Alvarino and Elia Canales in shooting, Laura Heredia in modern pentathlon and Laura Fuertes and Jose Quelz in boxing, these last three are nominal, as are athletics, as long as there are no more than three Spanish athletes with a limit lowest in one test. The remainder is awarded to the state, not the athlete, as can be seen in the table below.

sports guide It’s been done before… My name, my picture, my look, in name only? number of athletes
athletics 20 km on foot Maria Perez Yes 1
athletics 20 km on foot Alvaro Martin Yes 1
athletics 20 km on foot Diego Garcia Yes 1
boxing 50 kg Laura is strong Yes 1
boxing 57 kg Jose Quells Yes 1
Rhythmic Gymnastics groups equipment no 5
quintet Individually Laura Heredia Yes 1
Shooting Individually Elia Canales no 1
Shooting Individually Miguel Alvareno no 1
Olympic shot trap Fatima Galvez no 1

The following are the events or sports that award live places to Paris 2024 during the month of July:

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Since the first of July, it is possible to obtain the Olympic minimum in all tests, as it was possible until now only in the marathon, since last November 1, and the combined walk and 10,000 meters since last December 31. It must be remembered that the maximum number of athletes per country and event is three and that these venues are nominal, unless a country has more than a minimum of three in one event. In this case, you choose your three reps from among the athletes who have that minimum and designate a reserve. In addition, the results of these tests already count towards the Olympic standings. This period ends on June 30, 2024 – two months before the marathon, which will already be awarded on December 31, 2023 places for the best minimum 64 brands (Meritxell Soler, Marta Gallymany, Fatima Ouhaddou, Tariku Novales, Ayad Lamdassem and Abdelaziz Marzouki have already achieved them) and respecting the maximum of three athletes per country – the minimum can be seen in the image below.


Since January 1, you can already have a minimum swim. It must be remembered that the maximum number of swimmers per country and event is two and that these places are nominal, unless the country has more than two minimum A’s on the test. In this case, you can choose your reps from among the swimmers who have this minimum. In addition, each country can compete in Paris 2024 with a maximum of 28 male and 28 male swimmers and a swimmer who has earned a minimum A in any event can compete in any other country where his country has not received any minimum A. Limit status minimum B, maximum is one swimmer per country and test, provided that in said test they do not obtain a minimum A. Those minimum B places will be assigned by the Olympic standings on June 23, 2024, which is the maximum when the minimum can be achieved which can be seen in the image below.

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UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship

It takes place from June 21 to July 8 in Georgia and Romania and awards three places, not counting France or England. Spain faces Switzerland in the quarter-finals on Saturday, July 1, starting at 9:00 p.m. ET. If qualified, he could already get the place. If he doesn’t, his only chance is for France and England to advance to the semi-finals and play a match. hem between the top two non-seeded quarter-finalists. The 23 that Santi Denía called up are: Arnau Tenas, Agirrezabala, Leo Román, Arnau Martínez, Víctor Gómez, Pacheco, Gila, Paredes, Guillamón, Miranda, Manu Sánchez, Antonio Blanco, Bernabé, Sancet, Gabri Veiga, Barozé, Aimar Oimar Sergio Gomez, Rodri, Riquelme, Barnetxea, Camilo and Abel Ruiz.

European games

It will take place from 20 June to 2 July in Kraków (Poland) and places have yet to be awarded, one for each gender, in the C1 exam. These are not nominal and there is a limitation of a maximum of one per country in each type, with K1 also counted. In addition, it will not be known with certainty who they are until September, because rowers who have achieved a place in the World Cup or whose country has already secured one in said test do not choose them. Tomorrow Sunday, the C1 semi-finals and the final will take place, a test in which Mikel Travi, Daniel Perez, Nuria Villaropla and Mirren Lazcano are still fighting for the spot.

Swimming World Cup

It takes place from July 14-30 in Fukuoka (Japan) and gives direct places to the Paris Olympic Games 2024 in most sports.

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open water. On Saturday the 15th the women’s event will be held and on Sunday the 16th for the men. They each award three Olympic places, with a maximum of two per country and gender. These places are nominal. The Spanish team consists of Angela Martinez, Candela Sanchez and Guillem Pujol.

jumps. The quizzes awarding direct tickets are held from Saturday 15th to Saturday 22nd and award 12 non-nominal places in the singles and three in the synchronized places, not counting France. The maximum is two individual places and one simultaneous one per country in each examination.

Water polo. The women’s tournament will be held from Sunday 16th to Friday 28th, and the men’s tournament from Monday 17th to Saturday 29th, and each will be granted two places.

swimming. Only relays are distributing direct tickets between Sunday 23rd and Sunday 30th, which will be for the first three secret tickets. Spain will compete in all of them. In addition, it is a good opportunity to achieve the minimum in individual exams. The Spanish team, which refers only to Olympic events, consists of Emma Carrasco (200 and 400 freestyle), Paula Otero (400 and 1500 freestyle), Angel Martinez (800 and 1500 freestyle), Jimena Perez (800 freestyle), Alba Vasquez (400mm), Carmen Wheeler (100m swim, 100m freestyle), Africa Zamorano (200m backstroke), Jessica Fall (100m and 200m breaststroke), Paula Jost (100m butterfly), Ainhoa ​​Camp Abadal (200m freestyle) , Carles Cole (200 freestyle breaststroke and 200 breaststroke), Sergio de Celis (50 freestyle), Hugo Gonzalez (100 and 200 freestyle and 200 freestyle), Luis Dominguez (100 and 200 freestyle), Carlos Garach (800 and 1500 freestyle), Arbidel Gonzalez (200 butterfly) and Mario Mola (100 butterfly), as well as Adrien Santos, Cesar Castro, Carla Caron and Alba Herrero, who will swim in the relay.

Mixed Relay Triathlon World Championships

It will take place on July 16 in Hamburg (Germany) and will award two places per gender to the best qualifying country, which cannot be France, due to its status as host of the Olympic Games, or the United Kingdom, which has already secured it in the previous world.

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