Vision Pro, Apple’s virtual reality glasses will have a liquid lens, what does that mean

Apple is considering integrating liquid lenses into Vision Pro (Reuters)

a Patent application A recent leak revealed that manzana Explore the possibility of merging liquid lenses In future virtual reality glasses Vision Pro.

Therefore, the user experience of people with vision problems can be greatly improved.

This technology Able to adapt to the user’s vision Correct possible defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. So in theory, the user You do not need to wear eyeglasses under the device, which increases your comfort and immersion.

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Details of the patent applied for by Apple showing a liquid lens (Apple)

sIt depends on the use of fluids to adjust its shape and focus. Unlike traditional lenses, which are rigid and stable, these lenses They can change curvature and focal length According to the user’s needs because they are able to adapt the image to the user’s vision and avoid distortion and visual fatigue.

In other words, liquid lenses have the potential for this Change your focus in milliseconds, allowing them to adapt to the user’s visual needs in real time. A feature that eliminates the need for prescription lenses.

A recent patent reveals that Apple is considering an alternative to glass: liquid lens technology. (Reuters)

sIt consists of two layersAn outer layer of glass or plastic that acts as support and protection, and an inner layer of liquids that can be water or oil.

The liquid is inside a sealed chamber with electrodes on its edges; By applying current to these An electric field is generated Which changes the surface tension of the liquid, causing it to expand or contract. Thus, the shape and focus of the lens are modified.

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And while their operation in Apple Vision is a mystery, liquid lenses can work in conjunction with eye tracking system From the device, because it detects the movement and position of the user’s eyes to determine how far they are looking, and in this way, it is set to focus correctly on the digital object.

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So Blurring or blurring effect is avoided Which usually occurs when the view changes between near and far objects.

Analysis of the trial version of the program VisionOS By 9to5Mac, he revealed some details that Apple didn’t mention about how to use the various apps on the Apple Vision Pro glasses.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks under a photo of the Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, US, June 5, 2023. Joe Pugliese / Apple Inc. / via REUTERS. Attention editors – This image was provided by a third party. Not available for sale or archive.

usually video calls to confrontation time A maximum 32 participants And although the Vision Pro glasses will display the video screens of the members of the call “on the air”, this does not mean that there are no limits in displaying images. The device will only be able to display nine of them at one time.

like him iPhone It has a fingerprint detection system or face scanning to unlock. Apple Vision Pro It will use a custom retina-scanning version to make confirmations of in-app purchases or system settings for the glasses.

This function is closely related to version confrontation time to VisionPro Because it takes advantage of the ability of the glasses to recognize the facial features of the eyes along with the device’s external cameras to create digital representation from the user’s face.

to download Applications It is an important feature of this device because instead of doing it from the cell phone or supplementary device, the Vision Pro glasses save this content to their own storage.

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