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Canadian moved to , But her stay was not as positive as she thought, because cultural differences seem to be growing more and more and there are many things she can’t handle. For this reason, he admitted The things he hated about living in Madrid, the testimony that was made But at the same time, it earned him thousands of harsh comments.

Habits he hates in Spain

April the Great (@aprildgr8) He shared two clips he commented on as follows: “Spanish things that would send Canadians into trances”a message indicating how small the tiktoker He was able to adapt to the Spanish way of life.

The first point you don’t like is Iberians who wear shoes indoors, but also in other people’s homes. Not content with this, she also reveals that she just can’t handle it Bank hoursbecause it ensures that a person who works from 9 to 5 does not have time to go to a banking agency (usually, such companies close at 2 in the afternoon).

Watch the viral video here

On the other hand, the Lunch and dinner hours They are uncomfortable because the first is from 2 to 3, while the second is from 9 to 10. On the same subject, unlike what happens in Canada or the United States, in countries like Spain has a custom of sharing foodnot as in the Anglo-Saxon world where they are more individualistic, even for food.

Likewise, it has been shown that Spaniards are very expressive, even on the street (PDAsAs for “General display of emotion“, General display of emotion), a fact that makes Canadians very nervous. Finally, he admitted that he wasn’t happy with it The direct way Spaniards have to express themselvesgiving an example.Give me a beer”, stressing that they would say it in his country in a “polite” way.

How sensitive are Canadians?

The video caused a sensation Tik Tok And immediately, thousands left their opinion to support or criticize it: “We don’t know when to go to the bank at those hours either”, “Canadians are touchy, bro”, “Eating at five in the afternoon is called a snack”, “Well wait till they find out summer time”, “I guess there is nobody In Spain he says “Give me a beer” while at the bar “,” People who don’t take off their shoes when they enter the house scare me “,” At 5 o’clock I’m having a snack, little girl, how am I going to have dinner? At five, if at eight , If I were hungry again? “,” Say nothing about good weather, good food and a quality of life, right? “,” Taking off my shoes in someone else’s house is a rarity.”.

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