Vacuuming reduces the risk of dementia

However, it was noted that “three major long-term studies, published in the past few months, have attempted to determine the types, intensity, and durations of physical activity conferring More general protection against dementia.

They “confirm that, in many ways, regular physical activity plays an important role in reducing the risk of developing dementia.”

“The energizing exercises It seems to be the best, but even non-traditional exercises, such as doing household chores, can be of great benefit. Rather, it is equally effective in reducing risk in people with a family history of dementia.”

Different exercises to avoid dementia

The study found that in participants who performed Regular and vigorous activitiessuch as playing sports or playing sports, increases the risk of dementia Reduced by 35 percent.

in a study Neurology JournalResearchers analyzed health information for just over 500 thousand participants who did not develop dementia, in a British database called UK Biobankto establish links between physical activity and disease risk.

One of the main advantages of this database was that it contained “very rich genetics data” for the participants, he said. Dr. Hwan Songresearcher in Sichuan University Hospital, West Chinawho was one of the study authors.

It included a risk profile for participants based on whether they had genetic variants associated with dementia or had immediate family members with the condition.

At the start of the study, participants filled out detailed questionnaires about their participation in physical activities, such as exercising, climbing stairs or walking, and whether they walked regularly or cycled to work. They were also asked about various lifestyle factors, including Repeat household chores.

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A major limitation of previous studies was that “the definition of physical activity is very poor. Some use the full amount and others only focus on one style of activity,” Song said. British questionnaires provided privacy about the activities that participants engaged in on a regular basis.

The participants were followed for 11 years, during which 5,185 developed dementia. The study found that in participants who engaged in regular, vigorous activities, such as playing sports or playing sports, the risk of developing dementia was reduced by 35 percent.

Surprisingly, the people who reported completing household chores regularly also had a significant benefit; They had 21% lower risk.

“Maybe what should I do Three hours of houseworkBe as good as if you did 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.”

Therefore, it has been suggested that moderate to vigorous exercise can promote brain health.

Most encouraging was that the association between physical activity and a lower risk of dementia was extended to Participants with a family history of dementia.

“It is very important to know that if you have a family history of dementia, you can also use physical activity to reduce your risk,” said Dr. Song.

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