The United Kingdom is progressing in the modernization work of its Type 23 . frigates

Based on an official statement, Babcock will begin modernization work on another Type 23 frigate ( . class). duke) from the United Kingdom. Work to be carried out includes extending the useful life of another Royal Navy surface unit. Based on what the company reported on August 17, the frigate HMS Argyll has been selected to undergo this type of work, which includes the modernization of several of its systems.

in this way, HMS Argyll will undergo maintenance work under the so-called programme livix (Post-Life Extension Program). During these assignments, Babcock Shipyard will adopt a new approach to re-certify its facilities to support and maintain these Royal Navy units; listed under frigate support center (FSC) for the company.

Work on the Type 23 frigate included in the LIFEX program, Translated to extend the useful life of HMS Argyll, which has been in service with the Royal Navy since 1991. up to the present time, HMS Argyll is the longest serving unit of its kind in service with the Royal Navy. In this sense, Babcock will conduct an audit of the frigate and initiate design changes to incorporate new capabilities. These, in turn, include the modernization of their communication systems, such as work on the unit chassis.

HMS ARGYLL (F231) – Royal Navy Credits

«HMS Argyll presents a great opportunity to demonstrate that Babcock works closely with our clients throughout the planning period and by implementing efficient and innovative new processes we strive to complete the project in a very short time frame compared to standard maintenancesaid Sarah Helder, HMS Argyll Life Extension Project Manager.

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With respect to the works at HMS Argyll, these works have recently commenced at the facilities, pending the next review which will take place in nine weeks. At the same time, From the shipyard Babcock It reported that other Type 23 frigates are also nearing completion of the modernization and life extension programme. More precisely it is about HMS Somerset (F82), which is about to undergo sea trials soon. For its part, two more Type 23 frigates are going through various stages of the program, HMS Iron Duke (F234) and HMS Six Albans (F83), respectively.

As reported last year by the UK Ministry of Defense, Type 23 frigates duke Work will continue until the end of 2020 and until the beginning of 2030. Despite the construction of the new type 26 ( . class city), these units will partially replace type 23. To date, shipyards are progressing in the construction of the first five units of the new class. In turn, more details are known about the future Type 31, which, together with the aforementioned Type 26, will complete the replacement of the Type 23 Duke class over the next decade.

*Photo: Babcock

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