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It is an instant messaging platform that allows you to send texts, emojis, stickers and multimedia files, which includes images and videos, however, it is a very common problem that the above mentioned application does not allow you to view or play these items from your mobile device, why is it happening This and what is the solution to the problem? We’ll explain it from Depor below.

It is necessary to clarify this It stores all the photos or videos you’ve received, but doesn’t save them directly to your smartphone gallery, although some items may appear in this section. Meta app sends multimedia files located in the folder called “WhatsApp Images” or “WhatsApp Video” which is located in the internal storage of your Android phone.

Another important fact to mention is that The WhatsApp You will not save photos or videos in the following cases: when you send them with the option “View only once”, which disappears automatically after closing it; Or when the “media file visibility” and “auto download” tools are turned off.

What to do when you can’t download photos or videos on WhatsApp

Activate the “Visibility of media files” function

  • First, check it out The WhatsApp You have no pending updates in the Android Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and tap on the three vertical dots icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, tap “Settings” > “Chats”
  • Finally, scroll down and toggle on the switch that says See Media Files.
  • With this setting, every time a photo or video is sent to you, it will be immediately stored in your phone gallery after downloading.
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Activate the “auto download” function

  • Re-enter ‘Settings’ or ‘Configurations’ in The WhatsApp.
  • Now, enter the section called “Storage and Data”.
  • The next step is to specify your location in the “Auto Download” section.
  • Click “Download using mobile data” and “Download using WiFi”, in both cases choose the options: “Photos” and “Videos”.
  • This setting complements the previous one, because when any of these items are sent to you, they will be downloaded automatically and will also be stored in the Gallery.

Other solutions

  • If you choose to download files using WiFi only, check that your network is already connected to the Internet.
  • In the event that you choose to download files with mobile data, in the same way, check if the number of megabytes is available on your data plan.
  • Free up storage space. When you reach the internal and external storage limit, The WhatsApp You will no longer be able to save files. We recommend that you delete some photos, videos, documents, applications, etc., whatever does not serve you.
  • Disable Read Mode on your MicroSD card, this will prevent new data from being written into the memory.
  • The time zone of the smartphone is wrong. Correct it as follows:
  1. Enter the “Settings” of your Android phone.
  2. Click on the “System” or “General Management” tab, the name may vary depending on the make and model of the computer.
  3. Finally, turn on the “Automatic date and time” switch.
  4. Thus, the date and time data will be the same as that of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.
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Why you should clear WhatsApp cache

  • Clear the cache first The WhatsApp It will free up some space on your mobile device. Often this tends to be more than 1 GB.
  • Similarly, deleting the app’s cache will also prevent the app from suffering from bugs or some bugs.
  • In the same way, if you want to do this, you will also delete some unwanted files that were only used to update or install The WhatsApp.
  • It is worth noting that by clearing the cache, you will not delete documents, let alone delete photos, videos or chats.
  • It also does not work to log out of the express messaging app. In case you wish to do so, you must click on “Force Close”.
  • It is worth noting that by clearing the cache, you will not delete documents, let alone delete photos, videos or chats.
  • It also does not work to log out of the express messaging app. In case you wish to do so, you must click on “Force Close”.
  • To delete the cache, you have to go to Settings & Apps and search for WhatsApp.

What is the WhatsApp cache?

Whatsapp cache refers to unwanted files stored in your device’s internal storage. Over time, this cache takes up a lot of space and also causes many other issues. All applications have their own cache files which are stored in the phone memory.

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