V Festival of Classical Music: Baroque takes over Bogotá

In the middle of the bars, the contrast point is sometimes hidden, and this technique is able to unite multiple voices in a written work and thus generate harmony and balance through the sounds. This method of composition and improvisation was one of the main tools of a musical period that inspired great musicians like Mozart and that changed the history of academic music: the Baroque.

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The great actor of the time was Johann Sebastian Bach, who perfected this musical practice by encapsulating it in most of his compositions. Bach was born in Germany into a family of musicians and thanks to his older brother Johann Christoph, he began to engage in musical training. He investigated and mastered French, Italian and English music. His over 1,100 works spanned all styles of his era, with the exception of opera, and his constant search for sublime led him to become a pillar of Western academia.

This period was fascinated by German Georg Friedrich Handel, who had a successful international career in Germany, Italy and England. With more than 40 titles, he has become one of the most important Italian-style opera composers, as well as being an entrepreneur. In the last phase of his life, he brought up rhetoric, a drama without theatrical montage, with soloists and a choir, which represent biblical stories. was the most important The messiah, which is one of the most impressive and interpreted sacred works.

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The Baroque also seduced one of its greatest supporters, the Venetian violinist, composer and priest Antonio Vivaldi. He was an innovator in the violin, an instrument to which he devoted 230 of more than 500 concerts, including the group harmonious inspiration And the four SeasonsHis most famous work. In addition, she dedicated herself to teaching music at the Ospedale della Pietá, a school for orphaned girls, where, thanks to her work, she made the institution a standard in Europe.

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Vivaldi composed operas, stone arias, cantatas and oratory, among others, and was admired by many musicians such as Johann Sebastian Bach, who transcribed many of his concerts for different instruments.

This year’s Bogotá International Classical Music Festival dedicates its fifth edition to the legacy of these three composers, who marked the Baroque and the history of classical music. From 12 to 15 November, national and international artists who have distinguished themselves for their interpretation of period instruments and references, will focus on the sounds of harpsichord, organ, oud, cello da spala and viola da Gamba, and will invite the audience to take a concert. A journey back in time when the splendor of this era dominated the Colombian capital with its technical prowess.

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In this edition, the festival will feature artists from Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Bolivia, Switzerland, Hungary, Argentina, Russia, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Colombia. Thus, it will be an opportunity to have a face-to-face experience with the other, with the artists and the audience and with excellence in musical performance, with attractive events such as Orlando’s Big Concert: Händel vs. Vivaldi, in which the Youth Chamber Orchestra of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra will participate, director Roger Diaz Cajamarca, Argentinian soprano Veronica Kanjime and mezzo-soprano Andrea Nino; harpsichord for Pierre Hanta (France); Or the concert Il Convito, directed by Maude Gratton (France), which will provide an interesting interpretation The art of strayingby Bach.

V International Classical Music Festival in Bogotá #BogotáEsBarroco: Bach, Händel, Vivaldi.

The richness and characteristics of this period can be seen with a limited capacity to ensure all current biosafety protocols and will occur in 12 scenarios located in seven districts of the city. Hence, it will be four intense days to enjoy great orchestras, outstanding artists and musical jewellery.

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Opening and closing

The opening and closing ceremonies salvage iconic works from this period. Opening will take place on November 12 at Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, 8:30 p.m., with Mass in B minor BWV 232 Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Carlos Mina (Spain). Cornelia Horak, soprano from Austria; Andrea Nino, mezzo-soprano from Colombia; Carlos Mina, contender from Spain; Benedict Kristjson, tenor of Iceland; Jose Coca Loza, bass from Bolivia; Youth Philharmonic Choir of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Paula Avila (Colombia), and the Chamber Choir of the Faculty of Art of the University of Pontificia Javeriana.

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In the meantime, the closing will be on November 15, 5:00 pm, at the Teatro Mayor with a fantastic show by lautten compagney Berlin, from Germany, who will be giving the oration The messiahby Handel. It will be an opportunity to feel and hear the power of this work as it was thought in the eighteenth century, when it was composed in just three weeks, between August 22 and September 14, 1741. This concert will be directed by Wolfgang Kachner (Germany) and will have the role of soloist Cornelia Horak, soprano from Austria; Carlos Mina, contender from Spain; Benedict Kristjson, tenor of Iceland; José Coca Loza, Bass from Bolivia, and the Santa Cecilia Corral Society, under the direction of Barbara de Martís (Colombia).

Festival for all

The festival invites a diverse audience to live this wonderful sound experience, which is why it presents many Colombian and international artists for free.

Fifth International Festival of Classical Music in Bogotá – Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo

Camilo Giraldo Angel, guitarist, composer, producer and teacher, winner of the invitation of the Fifth International Festival of Classical Music in Bogotá, will perform at the Concert Zarabanda and Chakuna include pure life (a unique case of reverence for villains), Bach Assorted Pieces, at El Tunal Library, while the Columbia Youth Orchestra will perform the four SeasonsVivaldi’s creative work, in concert live vivaldi, which will take place in the Teatro El Ensueño, with violinist and director Adrián Chamorro.

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Featured Artists

Notable personalities such as Jürgen Wolff, from Germany, have worked in organ builders and obtained a degree with distinction, specializing in evangelical religious music. At this festival, the organ of the Premada Cathedral will play with a program focused on Johann Sebastian Bach, while at other concerts there will be Veronica Kangemi, the Argentine soprano internationally recognized as an icon of Baroque music, and Pierre Hanta, from France, one of the greatest exponents of the harpsichord of the past decades.

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For its part, Berlin’s Lautten Compagney is the international orchestra responsible for some of its most impressive concerts: it has been recognized as one of Germany’s most innovative baroque orchestras. For three decades, under the artistic direction of Wolfgang Katschner, he has dazzled audiences whether performing music, chamber or opera accompaniment, and continues to push boundaries with infectious joy and innovative repertoire in his quest to discover new sounds and interact with others. artistic shapes.

When Baroque music reaches our ears, nothing is the same again and this magic comes from Russia with Sergey Malov, born in Saint Petersburg, who represents diversity and ingenuity; He plays the violin, the viola, the baroque violin, the cello da Spala (which will be played for the first time in Colombia), as well as the viola da Gamba. The happiness is complemented by the presence of Colombian Adrian Chamorro, conductor and violinist, and Diego Salamanca, who plays the lute, the original stringed instrument.

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