The most amazing and unexpected movie is on HBO Max; You have to watch it now | Trailer

It is increasingly common to see new and diverse bets on streaming platforms, featuring stories ranging from dramas and horrors to documentaries or blockbusters. And although Netflix has established itself as one of the most popular platforms for users, many others bring with them series and movies of various genres; As with HBO Max, which has established itself as one of the favorite sites for users around the world and in Mexico.

HBO Max is a live streaming service and is owned by Warner Bros.; It was first released in the United States in 2020 and in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021.

What to watch on HBO Max

HBO Max is a streaming platform that was primarily built to host content from HBO’s Premium channels, but over time has also become a platform for streaming Warner Bros and Discovery productions, which is why it offers well-known original content and products like Max Originals.

On this occasion we recommend a movie currently in this catalog, called “The House Underwater”, which is in the French horror genre and follows the story of two influencers and YouTubers. who decide to get into a mystery movie to share the findings that live inside them with their minions, however, the situation spirals out of control when all kinds of supernatural events begin unleashed on them endangering them.

“The house under the water”

Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julian Morey, the production premiered at the Sitges Festival, which won acclaim from the seventh art press; It features performances by James Jagger, Camille Rowe, Eric Savin, Carolina Massey, Alexis Service, Anne Classens, and Marie Kaffir.

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