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Latino companies in the United States, Photo: Composition LR Jazmín Ceras/ShitterStock

Are you thinking about starting with Business in the United States? Does a family member or close friend have the idea of ​​starting a business in the North Country? In order to make this a reality, you have to realize that there are many of them Types of visas Which is issued by a government United State. Many people also seek the advice of immigration lawyers so that you can answer all their doubts and guide them step by step on the actions they should take.

¿What types of visas can you start a business in the United States?

Types of visas With which you can start a business United State There are many. First of all, we have EB visa, which is given to people who already have capital to invest of at least one million dollars. This document is also known as investor visa and is given to entrepreneurs who are going to create a job Or who has the idea of ​​relating to some a company Existing. Likewise, they must prove that they will be able to create at least 10 new jobs in the country United Statewhich US citizens will have access to.

Secondly, we have H-1B visa, which is offered to highly qualified professionals. With this permit, they are given the possibility to work and live legally United State For a period of up to 6 years.

In the past 10 years, Latino businesses have grown 34%, compared to 1% growth for U.S. business owners.Photo: Kate Cimini

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Third, we have the visa L-1. It is given to citizens of other countries who work for a US company and gives them permission to work and live there United State For a maximum period of 7 years.

Our fourth visa E-1It targets traders or investors from countries with which it has a trade agreement United State. This visa is flexible and the person concerned can carry out business activities, whether in his country of origin or in his country United State.

Finally, there it is E-2 visa. With this document, investors interested in expansion
Your work in United StateThose who have the purchasing power to make a strong investment to generate employment will be able to do so.

The H-1B visa is one of the most sought after visas. Photo: Reuters

the visa American What you decide to choose has to do with your personal characteristics and gender a job that you want to do state join. Foreign nationals whose home countries have trade agreements with the United States may request a visa E-1 or E-2. Applicants with business experience can opt for the EB-5 visa, in the case of a new venture Visas An EB-5, L-1, or H-1B is a good alternative.

Are there other types of visas to start a business in the United States?

the visa What do you have to choose to be able to do it? United State It will depend on your needs and personal characteristics. The type of business and the amount of capital must also be evaluated. And yes, there are more types visa Which can be requested at the embassy of each country and which will adapt to what the applicant wants to start with.

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A large portion of the Latino community in the United States is dedicated to the culinary world. Photo: One Park

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