Uruguay referendum: live results | General elections on the economic future of Louis Lacalle Poe

At 8 am on Sunday, polling stations opened so that 2,684,131 people could decide on their own. Uruguay About the proposal From Cancellation or preservation 135 articles from Urgent Considerations Act (LUC) approved in July 2020. About sixteen hours later, with 90 percent of the schedules checked, the continuity of the Executive’s major regulations was enforced.

The difference is negligible: ‘No’ to cancel pool – with over 95% of streams counted – 1,058,089 votes, while YES received 10,0423 votes. The difference between the two is less than two points. In this sense, hours ago, it was OnUser Usina de Percepción Ciudadana mentioned that thereTechnical tie” in the vote.

The law contains 476 articles and is a summary of the most important measures taken by the government coalition that led to this Louis Lacalle Bo to head the country. The rule reflects the “commitment to the state” signed by the National Party, the Colorado Party, the Open Council, the Independent Party and the People’s Party, prior to the November 2019 second round, in which Lacalle defeated leftist Daniel Martinez.

The opposition party questioned the initiative wide front and social organizations, including the Pit-Cnt trade union, which submitted a referendum (established in the constitution) to abolish it.

Management of fuel prices Reducing teacher involvement in educational decisions Regulating the right to strike Eviction of people who rent without a guarantee Relaxation of money laundering controls Changes in the adoption process And the many rules referring to security, are some of the points most questioned by the broad front and social organizations.

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Yes or no

And Uruguayans will have to choose between two cards: a pink one, yes to cancel the articles, and one light blue no to cancel. As required by law for total or partial cancellation The law must obtain at least half of the valid votes plus one of the valid votes, and empty votes (empty envelopes) are counted in favor of the No option.

Uruguay’s polling companies are citing a “competitive” scenario for Sunday’s vote, although some tend to suggest there will be no votes needed to overturn the 135 articles.

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