Netflix will host the second season of ‘Never Have I Ever’ on July 15

New Delhi: US streaming platform Netflix has announced that the second season of the comedy-drama “Never Have I Ever” will premiere on July 15th. Created by Mindy Kaling, the show stars Maitri Ramakrishnan, a Canadian actor of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, as a teenager of Indian descent who grew up in the United States.

In an old earnings review, Netflix said the show’s first season was watched by 40 million families in its first four weeks. In a blog post published a few months ago, Monica Shergil, Vice President of Content at Netflix India, ranked the series as one of the service’s most popular titles in India in 2020.

The series, which also features Indian actors Sindhi Ramamurthy and Purna Jaganathan, is sure to draw a lot of criticism for its stereotypical portrayal of deaf people from the South Asian community when it launches in May 2020.

While the show certainly deserves praise for its leading role in illuminating the experiences of South American teens, “I’ve Never Done It” breaks down vulgar stereotypes and reaffirms the myth of the archetypal minority. For a series that prides itself on diversity and inclusion, the fear-inducing jokes about Hindu-Muslim marriages and Nazism, the blatant display of abilities, and the unquestioned instances of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are all astonishing,” Harvard Politics said.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, series director Kabir Akhtar claimed that it was unfair to place the burden of collective identity (such as community) on a show that is not fully recognizable by everyone.

At the same time, many content experts were quick to point out that what may seem a complete absurdity to some of us who live in India, is a reality, especially to Indians living abroad who are in a constant battle to preserve your identity.

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