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Higher education can contribute to society as a source of technological and economic development.

In Ecuador, a dynamic knowledge export policy should be established with external universities or smaller research centers.

Modern universities and higher education systems that embrace innovation in science and technology are state-of-the-art and evolving in favor of research to drive technological innovation. Research must be state-supported and have a specific budget. Higher education in all civilized countries is a public good developed by public institutions and regulated by state bodies.

The model of qualified research universities to be the backbone of a stratified system of higher education should share a common repertoire of government administration that combines decentralization and centralization, promoting the autonomy of managing public institutions, and state control, on the other hand.

Public universities have to use business tools copied from private organizations to take over the management of state resources.

The creation of knowledge as a source of technological and economic development can be a contribution of higher education to society, in these times of great economic crisis. (or)

Jaime Gallo Bennetts Solis, Intensive Care Practitioner, Guayaquil

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