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US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.Evan Fuchi / AP

On Monday, the White House issued the 2020 tax return of US President Joe Biden, bringing about an unwritten tradition that Donald Trump violated during his tenure. “Today, the president revealed the taxes he paid in 2020, thus continuing an almost continuous tradition,” the White House statement said. Of course, it wasn’t the news that prompted the president so much the fact that he had exposed it.

The former Republican president flatly refused to disclose any kind of information about his finances or what the true value of his empire, according to an investigation conducted by the newspaper. New York times, It was heavily indebted. In that information from September 2020, the New York newspaper claimed that Trump only paid $ 750 in taxes in 2016 and that he announced $ 70,000 in hairdressing discounts.

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Trump was the only president since the Watergate scandal that had cost Richard Nixon the presidency (1969-1974) not to release data on the taxes he had paid, arguing that he could not do so because he was under scrutiny. According to the IRS (Inland Revenue Service, equivalent to the Spanish Treasury), every president and vice president since that time undergoes checks on their accounts every year.

Joe and Jill Biden made just over $ 600,000 last year, according to their tax returns, the White House notes. The Biden spouses, who made their comeback together – the First Lady Professor – paid just over $ 157,000 in federal income taxes and about $ 29,000 for the state they resided in before reaching the White House, Delaware.

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From the information released by the White House, it appears that the Biden family experienced a significant decrease in their income last year as a result of the presidential campaign, as they stopped making money through their inability to lecture or work as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2019, Joe and Jill Biden make about $ 985K.

The earnings of Vice President Kamala Harris, who filed a joint affidavit with her husband, attorney Doug Imhoff, have also revealed the total income of nearly $ 1,700,000. Between them, they paid nearly $ 622,000 in federal income taxes. Harris paid just over $ 125,004 in income tax in California (where she resided as a senator) and Imhoff paid nearly $ 57,000 in Washington (where she lived and worked as a law professor at Georgetown University).

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