At least 5,000 immigrants entered Spain today from Morocco

at least 5000 immigrants, including 1500 minors, Arrived today by land or sea at The Spanish enclave of Ceuta From the neighbor Morocco, West, sunset, Which is a daily “record” occurring in the context of tensions between Rabat and Madrid.

CeutaWith the other Melilla The Spanish enclave of North AfricaThey are the only ones The European Union (EU) land border with Africa, Which made them both important Entry points for illegal immigrants seeking a better life in the ancient continent.

Ceuta government delegation raised around midnight to “About 5000” is the number of Moroccan citizens who entered irregularly To the autonomous city during this day adjacent to the sea breakwater Taragal and Benz. A Moroccan man was killed this afternoon as he tried to circumvent the breakwater in Trajal while swimming among hundreds of citizens.

By institution about 1500 will be minorsTherefore, they cannot be expelled quickly, as the Spanish authorities hope to be able to agree with Morocco after the crisis of last weekend in April, when more than a hundred young people from the neighboring country entered Spain. .

The number of immigrants entering the day was infinitely greater and police sources They estimate it could approach 9,000 people.

After knowing the record, the Spanish government decided to mobilize the army, specifically the Corps and Order units, to reinforce the security forces controlling Ceuta. The soldiers will take careOn the one hand, the local police, the national police and the civil guard to “gather the dispersed immigrants” and provide all the “logistical support” that the government delegation requested.

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The Spanish Ministry of the Interior There were reports of reinforcements with police officers in the worst-affected areas of Ceuta due to the arrival of large numbers of Moroccan immigrants swimming in the past hours.

In a statement, the Ministry of the Interior specified that there would be 50 additional civilian guards, while “the national police, on its part, will increase its forces in Ceuta by more than 150 personnel (…) to speed up return procedures in the country. Implement the 1992 agreement with Morocco.”

The Ministry of Interior The agency stated that it is also noted that “the Spanish and Moroccan authorities have recently agreed to return the citizens of that country who agreed to swim” to Morocco. ” Sputnik.

The arrival of migrants to the enclave comes in the context of tension between Madrid and Rabat due to the presence of the leader of the Western Sharia independence movement in Spain, Brahim Ghali.

The Moroccan government responded with indignation to the news that the President of the Polisario Front, Ghali, had been admitted since mid-April to a Spanish hospital to receive treatment for his infection with the Coronavirus.

The Polisario Front, backed by Algeria, has been fighting for decades for the independence of the Western Emblem, a former Spanish colony mostly controlled by Morocco, and which often proposes self-rule under its sovereignty.


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