Ultrasound is essential for primary care

Seventh National Congress on Ultrasound Semergen.

Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians Favorite celebrated Seventh National Conference on Ultrasound At the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM). This conference wanted to emphasize the essential role that Ultrasound in primary care. what a total 200 people registered, Of which 80 It has been medical residents, has made these days a point of educational interest for family physicians.

The main topic was how to cover” Training needs From family doctors who started in this technique Or whoever wants to master it,” as mentioned Anna Segura’s scoreChairman of the Organizing Committee. On the other hand, the scientific program of these conferences was mainly based on abdominal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and emergency ultrasound sessions, largely oriented to the clinical approach and Our specialty needs.

in this meaning, Ivan Valero Lopez, Chairman of the Scientific Committee and Coordinator of the Ultrasound Working Group Semergen, highlights the Such an important role of ultrasoundThrough it, family physicians have been able to advance in their clinical practice, becoming more independent, decisive and diversified as they gain a higher level of training in that technique or clinical tool. In this line, Ultrasound Assembly is a simple, cheap, harmless, bloodless and reproducible test, possible in a consultation Primary health careOr emergency situations or the patient’s home, which can be very helpful in diagnosis, therapeutic guidance and correct referral of the patient.

Update your knowledge of family doctors To improve the use of their ultrasound equipment, in addition to knowing when to order this test and learning how to interpret it, there were many questions that were addressed at various round tables and hands-on workshops.

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