COVID-19: France and Greece announce that vaccination will be mandatory for all healthcare workers

French President Emmanuel Macron. EFE / EPA / STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / Archive

France s Greece They announced this Monday that Vaccination against COVID-19 will be mandatory for all health workers in both countries. This was announced by governments Emmanuel Macron s Kyriakos Mitsutaki. In addition, the French President announced that next month it will be mandatory to submit “COVID passTo get into the restaurant.

Macron announced today that the file vaccination certificate Or bypass the coronavirus used as a file health passport In large gatherings it will be used in them Restaurants, bars, theaters and cinemas from next week.

Macron also announced that health workers and those who work with vulnerable people, nursing home employees, They will have to commit to vaccinating before September 15th, and from then on there will be penalties for those who don’t.

The higher the vaccination, the smaller the spread of the virusThe head of state said in a televised speech that he presented new measures to stop the increase in infections due to the spread of the delta variable, which already accounts for more than half of all cases in France.

Meanwhile, vaccination of all health workers will be mandatory in Greece, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis announced in an address to the nation on Monday, To encourage immunization against the spread of the delta type of COVID-19.

All the people who work in it housing for the elderlyThey should be vaccinated between now and August 16, Otherwise, they will not be able to work, select the prime minister.

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In the meantime, he clarified that from September 1, vaccination of medical personnel has become mandatory in sectors Year s Spread, when 99% of intubated people are unvaccinated.

For a varied spread DeltaThe Greek government decided to take action and encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated. since tuesday, The vaccination will be open at the age of 15-17 years with the Pfizer vaccine.

Three out of four Greeks over the age of 60 are vaccinatedPrime Minister said. exist 4.3 million People who have both vaccines in a population of 10.7 million people.

The prime minister insisted that “the country will not be closed down because of the attitude of some.”

From Friday until the end of August, entertainment centers, bars, cinemas, theaters and all indoor spaces, They will only receive vaccinated people.

On Monday, Greece recorded nearly 2,000 new cases of coronavirus, compared to just 800 just a week ago. More than 12,000 people have died of coronavirus in the country.

(with information from the AFP and EFE)

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