UK TV Ratings: Dramatic return of 'Traitors' attracts record viewers

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details from Episode VIII. Traitors.

Traitors He got a big boost for the BBC.

With only four episodes remaining, yesterday's dramatic eviction became the most-watched episode of both seasons with 4.4 million viewers, 400,000 more than the record set the night before.

Last season's episodes were watched by an average of about 3 million people and continued to increase throughout the show's run, but this year's performance was better. This week's episode marked a dramatic end to season one.

traitors, Which airs three episodes a week at 9pm GMT (1pm PST) and ends next Friday, was the most watched TV program on UK screens on Thursday, overtaking BBC News and ITV. Emmerdale It was watched by approximately one-third of people watching television at the time. All episodes are available on iPlayer after the show.

In last night's episode, Oscar-winning villain Paul was banished after a most tense roundtable meeting, with fellow traitor Harry dramatically attacking Paul. As the show comes to an end, Harry and new traitor Andrew make a final decision on who to kill next.

Traitors produced by Squid game: Challenge Creator Studio Lambert and the US release just launched on Peacock. Episode nine airs tonight.


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