All winning movies and series you can watch on Netflix, Amazon, Movistar +, HBO, Apple Tv + and Disney +

At last dawn, all 2021 Golden Globe Awards winners were announced at a somewhat caffeine-free ceremony as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Several winners are already available on different platforms for them to have fun in our homes after which we will review them All winning films and series that can be watched during the broadcast and where they are.


“Porat, movie sequel movie”

Sacha Baron Cohen The famous Kazakh journalist regains 14 years after the first batch to forge a fun sequel that puts the Donald Trump administration in mind. Pay special attention to the scene that Maria Bacalova, The Great Movie Discovery, and Rudi Gilani share.

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The 19 Best Movies From Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney +, Movistar + And Filmin Released In 2020

The “Chicago Trial 7”

The second feature film directed by Aaron Sorkin, Who is also writing the script, depicts a landmark trial that took place in the United States against a group of protesters against the Vietnam War. Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Rylance, Frank Langela, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeremy Strong, John Carroll Lynch, Alex Sharp, Yahya Abdul-Matin II and Michael Keaton lead the amazing cast.

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“Mother of the Blues”

Or depression

Film marked to be released posthumously Chadwick Bosman, The great protagonist of the post with Viola Davis. Both are the best movie to record an album in the 1920s to influence the black experience in America.

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Pixar brought us two movies last year, fun but low-risk “Onward” and “Soul,” which are perhaps the best of the entire 2020 crop and also among the studio’s highlights. An exciting adventure that combines drama and comedy to explore how the world fit in, capitalizing on the clever use of contrasts.

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TV series

Lady’s gambit


Netflix is ​​a mini-series that continues to be among the most-watched on the platform for months. A series that plunges into the world of chess and addiction, relying on the colossal interpretation of Anya Taylor Joy.

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The 17 Best Series on Netflix of 2020

The ‘undeniable truth’


A six-episode series that he wrote and directed Derek Cyanfrance in which Mark Ruffalo It gives life to two twin brothers, one of whom has schizophrenia. At the time, the series was expected to make more noise than Ruffalo’s acclaimed and award-winning performance, but at least it wasn’t empty.

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Criticized on HBO

Chet Creek


She couldn’t match her historic Emmy victory by sweeping all the comedy categories on TV, but that didn’t stop her from triumphing in the best series. It took a while to become a phenomenon but he said goodbye in style.

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‘Small ax’

Small ax

A selection of five films of varying length that explore racism in America Steve McQueenWhich helps him win awards at both the Film and TV Awards.

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Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis The lead in a football comedy movie is as funny as it is warm. A proposal that makes the most of the simplicity of its suggestion to convey positive feedback to the viewer that is highly appreciated at these times.

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‘the crown’

Crown tempurada 4

Peter Morgan’s historical novel had already triumphed as the best drama series in its first season, and now he has done so again with Season 4, which has caused the most controversy due to comments made by the British Royal House on it. .

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