AEMET Special Alert

What are the expectations?

The special alert from AEMET comes from Canada and will be observed in Spain during these days

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Special Alert AEMET, comes from Canada and will be noticed in Spain these days. Weather experts are waiting for a change that may become historic in every sense of the word. Starting with some really surprising data regarding how radical change will take time. Within hours everything changed, and it did so to accomplish something that perhaps no one had expected. Snow, rain and wind are coming with Storm Juan and this strange phenomenon.

It comes from Canada and will be noticed in Spain

The weather will take a drastic turn on Friday, almost without expecting it and with our eyes set on a weekend that could break the record. The change we were looking forward to seeing has been marked by a situation that really worries experts.

It arrives Water and snow are usual at this time of yearWe are in a winter in which they seem to be an exception. Especially in certain areas of the country, we want to see the arrival of these storms that can change everything and that seem to arrive accompanied by a drop in temperatures.

According to an expert from AEMET: “The trough (V) that was yesterday over the Labrador Sea is moving rapidly towards the Azores driven by a strong branch of the jet (arrow). Its approach from the frontal area to the baroque band (BB) will cause the formation of a 'storm that will affect us on Friday.'

the Storm Juan It will be denser than it was Hippolytus also Erin Who hardly brought anything Rain and wind. The best thing is that these days we will have some important news that may become what determines the before and after.

Significant changes are expected that could bring the worst of winter back to us, something we may not have expected and will eventually become a reality. We have to wait for predictions that, if they come true 100%, will get us out of the spring situation we have been experiencing until now.

This is what awaits us according to AEMET for the next few hours, this Friday as there may be a series of important changes affecting a large part of the country.

Special alert from AEMET regarding these forecasts

Weather forecasts put half of Spain on alert in anticipation of the storm's arrival Storm Juan Which will be accompanied by a significant drop in temperatures. As experts point out: “

The possibility of continuous and locally heavy rains over large areas of the central quarter and the southwest, accompanied by a storm in western Andalusia. Large snow accumulations in central systems And Iberia, east of the Northern Plateau and the Pyrenees, with a weak possibility for the rest of the Northern Plateau and Ebro. A sharp drop in temperatures in the northern half of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Strong winds and/or very strong gusts in all coastal areas of the peninsula, the Balearic Islands, the channels of the Canary Islands and the mountains of Andalusia.

he Water will not fall evenly throughout the territoryBut it will end up becoming a welcome reality in places where it is needed. It has been a winter and a dry year, with rain falling late or not falling as intensely as it should.

Forecasts leave no room for doubt: “ Storm Juan It will sweep across the peninsula from west to east, leaving skies cloudy or covered with practically widespread heavy rain. These would be less likely and severe in the Cantabrian environment, but would not be expected in most of Galicia. During the second half of the day it will stop over much of the western half of the peninsula to remain generally partly cloudy. It may be persistent and locally strong in the central and southwestern quarter of the peninsula, and most likely in the central system, southern Iberia, the northeastern southern plateau, and the mountain ranges of western Andalusia and the Strait. Likewise, he will accompany them Occasional stormsIt is more dense in western Andalusia.

Snow levels may decrease significantly: “It will decrease from 1000 meters to 400/700 meters in most of the northern half of the peninsula, remaining at 800/1200 meters in the Pyrenees, and at 1600/1800 meters in the southeastern mountains. “Significant accumulations are expected in the Central and Iberian systems, east of the Northern Plateau and the Pyrenees, without excluding them in the rest of the Northern Plateau and Central Ibero.”

So we will have to wait and see what eventually happens, with heavy rains and bad weather that will increase during these days. This weekend we will begin with a noticeable change that we will all see coming.

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