Tsunami warning in Chile for a strong 7-magnitude earthquake near the base in Antarctica

Santiago. – A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7 It took place Saturday night near B.Chilean Eduardo Frei in Antarctica, Which was put into it Evacuation alert for tsunami hazard, Initially reported by the National Emergency Office (Onemi).

“The quake occurred at 8:36 pm (local time) in the middle of the sea, about 210 kilometers east of the Eduardo Frei base, at a depth of 10 kilometers. Antarctica,” said Onemi, who requested minutes later. Tsunami occurs.

The Eduardo Frei Base, from Chilean Air Force It is located 1,230 kilometers south of the continent, in isla king george. It is the largest Chilean base in this region that also houses the Villa Las Estrelas, hospital, school, bank, mini supermarket, post office and chapel, among other services.

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The maximum population in summer is 150 and the average population in winter is 80.

The tremor in Santiago

Meanwhile, at 9:07 pm, another earthquake of 5.9 magnitude struck 14 kilometers from Santiago. This happened at a depth of 122 kilometers and was not related to the strong earthquake in Antarctica.

Onemi noted that “no damage to people or change in basic services or infrastructure has been reported as a result of this earthquake” and that “technical organizations are assessing the regional situation.”

Onemi noted that the earthquake that struck the central region did not fulfill the conditions for a tsunami. State Geology and Mining Department (Sernagamin) said, “Workers and mining facilities have been reported so far without problems in the central regions after the earthquake.”

On the other hand, Anime explained that a previous message that reached cell phones in different regions of the country only referred to the Antarctic region after another earthquake recorded in that region minutes before the earthquake in the center of the region.

“We are informed that the message sent to the cell phones corresponds to an evacuation at the Antarctic Base. Our technicians are reviewing the SAE system failure,” Onemi said on his Twitter account.

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The Air Force carried out a preventive evacuation operation at the Antarctic Air Force Base, adding that the personnel are safe and that “the infrastructure is devoid of observation.”

Sernagomin said that in addition to the four Chilean bases, five more bases have been evacuated from other countries in the region due to the state of alert.

Agence France-Presse and Reuters

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