This was Johnny from Cyberpunk 2077 before Keanu Reeves played it

It’s hard to imagine another actor playing rock and anarchist Johnny Silverhand in the futuristic video game Cyberpunk 2077. Artist Lea Leonowicz, from CD Projekt RED studio, shared the first concepts of “Rockerboy”.

In the pictures he posted on his Artstation account, which is a social network of artists and designers, you can see that character They look completely different To Silverhand reincarnated by Canadian actor. In particular, he is much thinner and has no beard.

Personal netizens compared it to singers Trent Reisnor (Nine Inch Nails), Glenn Danzig (Misfits), and Andrew Eldrich (Sisters of Mercy).

Leonovich also shared concepts of the DeLuze Orphean guitar and the Silverhand prosthetic arm, as well as trade From Silverhand Band, Samurai, Such as a leather jacket or a T-shirt with the band’s logo. On the page as well It can be seen Conceptual arts of the video game hero, V, Evelyn Parker.

Keanu Reeves He has confirmed his participation in the CD Projekt RED video game In June 2019, during E3 2019 Digital Entertainment. actor Matrix And the John Wake He previously played the video game and “loves it”, although he “is not done with it yet,” the president of the Polish company stated, Adam Keszynski.

Its launch has been one of the most anticipated games in the video game world in 2020 since it started developing in 2012, and it has been delayed many times due to optimization issues. However, It became a disappointment For some Players, Which is that users encountered many errors when running on Xbox and PS consoles. As a result, Sony was forced to remove it from its play store and promised to return the money to customers.

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The developers in turn, They apologized They have already fixed many errors through a series of corrections. In December, CD Projekt RED mentioned Who sold it More than 13 million copies The video game.

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