Top 10 most popular websites in the world: the superpower of search engines

By Daniel Zweras – Strategy and Business

Significant Internet traffic is concentrated in the hands of a few, mainly in search engines and social networks.

Three giants dominate the worldwide web viewership ranking with an iron fist, and they are (in that order): Google, YouTube (both from Alphabet), and Facebook.

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The sum of these three, with 152,000 million monthly visits, has more than 47 followers overall, according to Shows the visual capital platform, with data from similar media.

By country, with seven sites in the top ten list (including the top six), the United States remains the largest.

If we expanded our focus to the top 50 sites, it would be 27 US sites. While their reach is highly concentrated globally, only a few companies own the majority of these sites.

Related data

– With the increased demand for video conferencing during the pandemic, Zoom (15) has grown to include the most visited sites With 2700 million visitors per month.

TikTok (43) also enters the top 50 for a similar reason.

-27 of the most visited websites come from the United States, Five are from China, and only four each are in Russia and Japan, while the rest of the world has ten spots in the world’s top 50.

Between June 2019 and November 2020, monthly Google visitors increased by 52.9%.

Among the most visited sites, this growth rate comes after Instagram (6) with 89.1% and Twitter (4) with 67.1%.

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* Source: Visual Capitalist

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