Brexit – The UK has warned that the situation in Northern Ireland after Brexit is ‘unsustainable’

Madrid, 6 (European Press)

Brexit Secretary David Frost warned this Sunday that the situation in post-Brexit Northern Ireland was “unsustainable” and appealed to Brussels’ “common sense” ahead of a meeting next week to look for solutions to prevent further turmoil in the country. . Area.

“The EU needs a new text for dealing with its neighbours, one that thinks of pragmatic solutions between friends, not of imposing rules and legal purity from one party to the other,” Frost said in an article for the Financial Times. It lists the problems arising from the Brexit agreement in Northern Ireland.

In the article, Frost emphasized that the UK is implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol, but also offers Brussels possibilities to improve it. In addition, he acknowledged that London underestimated the impact of Brexit on trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and warned that it could worsen in October when the moratorium on food product measures expires.

“Time is running out,” according to Frost, who considers the situation “totally unsustainable” if the EU is not more flexible on implementing the protocol. “We need to make progress soon,” he added.

In response, France’s Minister of State for European Affairs, Clement Pellon, stated that the Northern Ireland Protocol to the Convention was not the problem, but “a solution to a problem we did not create”. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney also rejected that the EU was too tough.

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