Alejandro Davidovic wins Federico Delbonis at Roland Garros 2021

Something special is brewing between Alexander Davidovich And this tournament Roland Garros 2021, that unique feeling that some players who can do everything in two weeks of inspiration feel, a unique confidence that can lift them to unexpected successes. The Spaniard continues to burn the stages in his progression in a meteoric and powerful manner, and is taking an important step by reaching the quarter-finals after hitting. Federico Delbonis. After two matches to five sets, in an epic battle against Ruud, the charismatic tennis player from Malaga praised an excellent performance that was resolved with a score 4-6 6-4 4-6 6-4, which he cites with Zverev or Nishikori in the penultimate round. The dream is not only free, but really not viable.

From first sleeve Davidovich was seen with an offensive movement, electric in his movements and ready to take a communal bath, when he was surrounded by a retinue of followers who carried him by plane to victory. The Spaniard made a few mistakes at first which led to him breaking down, but he soon realized that the power of his cross-shot was overshadowing the Argentine, both on the driving side and on the back side. He entered the track with a net, attacked without embarrassment and made changes in pace with the left which caused a lot of problems for Delbonis. The Argentine was using experience to find holes to stay in the fight, but a break in the final stage allowed Malaga to gain an advantage.

Alexander’s dominance became more evident in the second group, where the Spaniards revealed the jar of jewels to embroider tennis by proving limitless potential. The winners of all drafts followed each other against Delbonis who just had to wait for the storm to pass. He did it with a 5-1 score, and there the Argentine showed his competitive intelligence, by making things very difficult for the Spaniard and reaching 5-4, which often threatened Davidovich. He was able to seal the protected group with good services and courage more than worth in a young man like him and in a context like this.

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Everything seems to be going head-to-head Part III For the Spaniard, and much more when he took advantage of Federico’s mistake for the break, in the fifth game. His clairvoyance to the rest was as clear as his inability to remain calm with the service. So much so that he was unable to consolidate the fracture even on two occasions. That was a very heavy block on his mentality, which suffered a crack in the 10th inning, when Delbonis did everything right and necessary to hit the table and claim the set.

Davidovich enters the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time

The physical fatigue that had accumulated on the Spaniard throughout the tournament, as well as the fact that options were wasted, were signs that Delbonis was optimistic. Further analyzing the sensations conveyed by Alejandro in the first games of the fourth sleeve, he was more aloof behind the back of the court and somewhat passive with his tennis. It was about to cost him dearly, but he had the power to save the break ball by doing what he needed and what he didn’t hesitate to do yet: take a step forward on the track and be aggressive.

He got out of the stalemate and was out in the seventh inning, making the break that would have led him to glory. His massive improvement in emotional management is underlined by his ability to win his next two matches on duty and close a match that could prove to be a turning point in his career. Alexander Davidovich Ready to achieve high levels of success and is already in the quarter-finals of Roland Garros 2021Full of confidence and ambition.

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