Today’s WhatsApp: This is how they steal your account with a message in your voicemail and how to avoid it

during the last time, Many WhatsApp users Their information was stolen. of the methodology used voice mailpirates Managed to control the account From that moment on, they can impersonate the user to carry out various types of fraud. How does this work and What do you do to avoid it.

The massive expansion of the messaging service in recent years has resulted in more and more people using it. With many updates and more and more tools and functions available, It is used by millions of people in Argentina and around the world.

In this context, the privacy and protection of information is extremely important. Despite frequent changes to the Meta platform to avoid problems, Some security vulnerabilitiessometimes from the app itself and other times from the mobile device, Make users unprotected.

Methodology used by hackers Very common security flaw. Stealing The account has been verifiedwhich of them? The WhatsApp Submit a code.

As it happens when you start using the service, You can activate the account using the phone number. From any device, a person can type in any number and link the service account to his cell phone.

Once you specify this information, the app should verify that this number actually wants to activate your account. For this, Send a six-digit code. can send this Via SMS or call.

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In case of selection the second choicethe connection will be established immediately using an answering machine that will identify the number when you answer it. If the call is not answered, the code will remain in a message within the voicemail This is where information theft occurs.

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Although many do not know it, voicemail It can be consulted from another phone number. To do this, just You must use a four-digit PIN. The problem is that when practically not used, Most users never change this password And it has a default group. In many cases, this is very simple and easy to guess.

In case the hacker gets access to the voicemail, they will have the code available to activate WhatsApp and thus they can manage the account from their device.

The most effective action against this and other weaknesses The Two-step verification. This is it An additional six-digit user-generated PIN This is then requested as an additional measure upon account activation.

On the other hand, it will also be a good measure Change your Voicemail PIN or even turn it off If it is neglected. The process varies according to each company and model, but generally consists of a few simple steps.


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