With the UK, there are 96 countries that do not require a visa from Peruvians [MAPA] | Peru

The announcement was made this morning by the British Ambassador to Peru, Gavin Cook, who specified that the cancellation of the short-stay visa would be applied for purposes of Tourism, business, international events, short term studies and medical treatment. Visa requirements for work, long-term studies, long stays or permanent residence in the country will be maintained. United kingdom.

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In nearly 200 years, United kingdom Worked with Peru to promote development and more opportunities for joint cooperation. Today we are the main foreign investor in the country, “ He said at a press conference.

With the visa abolition of the four countries of the United Kingdom, there are a total of 96 countries that do not require this document from the citizens of Peru.. The latest change aims to increase the uneven flow of travelers today: While only 4,000 Peruvians were granted short-stay visas last year, 50,000 British tourists arrived in the country.

It will also open the opportunity to increase the number of Academic exchange, joint research, as well as participation of Peruvian entrepreneurs in international corporate events and exhibitions. “We have started writing a new chapter in bilateral relations,” he added Peru – United Kingdom. This represents more opportunities to continue to forge a broader and closer relationship than ever before.” Cook confirmed.

According to the diplomat, canceling the requirement is a technical decision that was possible after close coordination with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Decisions on changes are made in a comprehensive manner taking into account a series of factors and even the prosperity of our countries ”, he added.

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For the Peruvian Foreign Minister, Cesar Landa, for his part, this is proof “The excellent level reached by the relationship between our two countries as strategic, preferential and reliable partners.”

Those who have started the process of obtaining a short stay visa, but have not yet submitted their biometric data to the VFS offices, can withdraw their application and get a refund of £100. Those who have already submitted the biometric information at the Visa Application Center (VAC), will not be able to request this amount.

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