Thousands of Salvadorans arrive at Plaza Civica for Nayib Bukele's inauguration

Thousands of Salvadorans arrive at Civic Plaza

President's supporters Nayeb Bukele They started arriving at Civic Plaza for the President's Inauguration. The head of state will assume office for the period 2024-2029.

Bukele's supporters await the start of the inauguration ceremony (President of El Salvador)
A person with the president's giant face takes photos with his supporters (@SecPrensaSV)
Families gather early in the streets of the capital (@SecPrensaSV)
People carrying El Salvador flags (@SecPrensaSV)

International leaders in El Salvador for Nayib Bukele's inauguration

The President will assume his second term at an inauguration ceremony attended by various leaders

Nayib Bukele with Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa (EFE/Presidency of Ecuador)

president of el salvador, Nayeb BukeleOn Saturday, he begins his second term with almost absolute power and without opposition, but he faces the challenge of maintaining security in the country and achieving the economic prosperity he promised.

Flag of El Salvador

president of el salvador, Nayeb BukeleHe posted it on his account on the social networking site Picture of your country's flag Minutes before assuming his second term.

quote class=”twitter-tweet”>


– Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukele) June 1, 2024

The video was published by the Press Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic

The Press Secretariat of the Presidency of El Salvador posted a video with a message on social networks minutes before its opening Nayeb Bukele.

“During these five years, The President led El Salvador with the unconditional support of his family. Now that a new five-year term has begun, the legacy of his father Dr. Armando, the love of his mother Doña Olga, the inspiration of First Lady Gabriela and her daughters Leila and Amina, and the support of his siblings will continue. He indicated that this would be a great strength in his new administration.

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#PresidentialInvestment | During these five years, President @nayibbukele He led El Salvador with the unconditional support of his family. Now that a new five-year term has begun, the legacy of his father, Dr. Armando, and the love and inspiration of his mother, Doña Olga…

—Presidential Press Secretariat (@SecPrensaSV) June 1, 2024

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Bukele will make his debut in the renovated facilities at the National Palace

This Saturday, in the central square of the Salvadoran capital, Nayib Bukele will debut the renovated facilities at the National Palacea building of neoclassical architecture that intervened at the last minute by public servants before the opening: In May, the government removed the centuries-old tiles Which was imported from Belgium to be replaced by newly manufactured ones, which sparked a scandal among historians and critics.

Preparations at the National Palace (Reuters/Jose Cabezas)

Colombia and El Salvador agreed to deepen joint action in the field of trade and migration

Governments Savior And Colombia They agreed to deepen joint work in Trade, immigration and prisoner repatriation issuesamong other issues related to bilateral relations.

This came during a meeting with the Colombian Foreign Minister. Luis Gilberto MurilloDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, Adriana Mira.

Murillo attends the presidential inauguration of Nayib Bukele on behalf of the Colombian government.

Regarding migration issues, it was agreed to exchange successful experiences regarding regular, orderly and safe migration, with a focus on labor mobility.

Donald Trump Jr. will be present at Nayib Bukele's inauguration

Donald Trump Jrthe son of the former president and current Republican nominee of the United States, traveled specifically to witness his inauguration Nayeb Bukele.

He arrived in the country on Friday with the film's producer Eduardo Verasteguiwho had already visited the country to attend the film's premiere.”Freedom's voice“, which he attended with President Bukele.

Photo published by Eduardo Verástegui in X

Miley arrived in El Salvador to administer the presidential oath to Bukele after his tour of Silicon Valley to attract investments in technology.

The head of state held meetings with Meta, Google, Apple and ChatGPT with the aim of presenting Argentina as an AI hub. On Saturday, he will attend the inauguration of the Caribbean president, who is distinguished by his national security agenda

Javier Miley and Mark Zuckerberg during their meeting at the Meta offices in Palo Alto

(From Washington, USA) Javier Miley He completed his tour in San Francisco to present Argentina as a hub for artificial intelligenceBefore returning to the country, he arrived at 11:10 pm (Argentine time) in El Salvador to participate in the presidential swearing-in. Nayeb Bukelewhich is characterized by National security agenda.

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The United States reaffirmed to Najib Bukele its “commitment” to supporting El Salvador’s growth

North America Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, met with the president before the inauguration

Alejandro Mayorkas met with Bukele

Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Alejandro MayorkasThis was confirmed Friday Nayeb BukeleElected president Savior For the second time in a row, which will be invested on Saturday.”sincerity“From your country to”Support growth and prosperity“For the Central American country.

Bukele and Noboa maintain “fraternal dialogue”

presidents of ecuador, Daniel Noboa; And from El Salvador Nayeb Bukele“They confirmed”Brotherly dialogue“Focus on Security policy And about Preventing irregular migrationThis is on the eve of the inauguration of the Salvadoran governor for a second five-year term (2024-2029).

Leaders in El Salvador spoke about some of the security strategies implemented by each of their governments, as the Ecuadorian presidency explained in a statement.

Noboa “confirmed his interest in learning about”Regional control plan“And other policies that have been implemented to significantly improve the security situation in El Salvador.”

At this meeting, the Ecuadorian President also emphasized the support and cooperation maintained in the economic, social, environmental, innovation, agricultural, energy and security fields.

Daniel Noboa with Nayib Bukele (EFE/Presidency of Ecuador)


It is scheduled to start at 8:00 local time (14:00 GMT). President of the Legislative Council, Ernesto CastroAn extraordinary session will be held to impose the presidential sash on Bukele, and then the president will deliver a speech.

the Captain General Gerardo Barrios Squareknown as Civil Square It is located in the heart of the Salvadoran capital, and will be the place that will host the event, in which the King of Spain will participate. Philip VI; President of Argentina, Javier Miley; And from Ecuador Daniel Noboa.

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These leaders will be joined by the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro MayorkasWho will head his country's delegation at the inauguration ceremony and as President of Paraguay, Santiago Pena; from costa rica, Rodrigo Chavez; President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro.

Representatives from Chile, Uruguay, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil and others will also attend.

Spanish King Felipe VI with El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele on Friday (Europe Press)

Bukele begins his controversial second term with full force but with increasing poverty and persecution of opponents and journalists

The arrest of social leaders and covert international support would mark the second inauguration of the hugely popular Salvadoran president, who was re-elected despite a constitutional ban.

Nayib Bukele was able to run for re-election after amending the composition of the Court of Justice and that he will be empowered despite the constitutional ban EFE/Rodrigo Sura

Nayeb Bukele He ordered the deployment of thousands of soldiers and police in Apopa, a working-class suburb of the capital, San Salvador, five days before his second inauguration as president. Savior. He then filled his X account with viral photos and again announced the pursuit of criminals. Also, in a more discreet manner, the Salvadoran army began deploying dozens of soldiers in the center of the city, where Bukele will take the constitutional oath next Saturday for his second term, which he accepted after being re-elected by an overwhelming majority despite the constitutional mandates. Which prohibits the exercise of two consecutive presidential terms.

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