Thot Danza Butō premieres today “Tales of Fairies and Buckets”

Thot of Butō Dance Company (PAOLO COLLARINO) is run by Mr. Juan Carlos Linares.

After more than a year of rehearsals and encounters in the midst of a pandemic, this piece will be shown for the first time this Saturday, March 5, 2022. The audience will be able to enjoy it at the Luis Peraza Theater of the TET Center in Los Chaguaramos, at 4:00 pm. On Sunday, March 6, at the same time, a presentation is also scheduled at this location. The shows will run on the 12th and 13th of this month and tickets will be on sale at the venue’s box office before each show. The start of the 2022 programme, planned by Thot de Danza Butō, includes different cultural spaces in Caracas. At the end of the concerts at TET headquarters, the other stages will receive the piece: the Municipal Theater of Caracas and the Sala del Trasnocho Cultural.

white for reference
Beginning with the paintings of Varo and Carrington, Linares focused on developing this proposal which, in his own words, does not seek to faithfully reproduce oil paintings. It is a personal process in which each character’s identity is built and in which each dancer, from his appearance, movements and sensations, expresses his feelings through the body. There is an intimate act and a connection of emotions. Painted in white, it hovers and moves throughout the space to communicate, with the whole body, with every sensation. This dynamism was motivated by the encounter of colours, shapes, strokes, themes and expressive elements found in surrealist paintings, which inspired this work.

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On Tales and bulldozersLinares says the artists’ figurative images, associated with surrealism, were the source of illumination for creating this proposal. For the director, suggestive works full of images and sensations, touching our subconscious and archetypes, are the basis for assimilating the poetics, energy and dynamics. From every oil painting, as translators, there is a search for movements based on honesty, depth, and originality. From this process came the fairies, those mysterious females, sometimes annoying and wild as hell.

Male cast at the second moment of the play (PAOLO COLLARINO)

two moments butō
Tales and bulldozers It appears in two moments. During the first, the female actress danced the dreamlike side full of poetry in Farrow and Carrington’s paintings. Then, in the second, the male intervenes in the atmosphere of the Drags Queen’s party, telling us what we call the hidden life of the clouds. It is important to note that this is not a show. All the work depends on the training of Putu’s dance. From this magic, every moment will be revealed to the viewers, who will approach their imaginations, experiences and visions to make their own interpretations.

In this piece, as part of the cast, dancers Barbara Acaccio, Julieta Bello, Jimena Carquez, Mariana Ochoa, Naipernia, Guyer Bolaños, Oscar Cuellar, Armando Diaz, Luis Omania, Roberto Sanchez and the director himself, Juan Carlos Linares. Original music by Maestro Andres Leville. Lighting design is responsible for Gerónimo Reyes. In terms of wardrobe, this one was sponsored by Jacqueline Aguilera, through her brand J Bay.

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After their performances at the Luis Pereza Theater, Tales and bulldozers She will hold performances at the Municipal Theater of Caracas and Trasnocho Cultural (PAOLO COLLARINO)

The design and manufacture of each costume is the creative responsibility of Angélica Fernández y Linares. In this category, Diana Brito provided advice. Erleen Zerpa was responsible for the headgear and Nyby Pernia was responsible for the graphic design. The flyer collage was done by Nye Anzola and the photo credits went to Paolo Colledino. In the general direction, led by Linares, accompanied by Luciel Guzman as assistant director and Felix Guanches as theatrical assistant.

This month, save a moment in your cultural agenda to attend and enjoy Luis Perazza Theater Room (limited capacity) Tales and bulldozers we are waiting for you! Please remember to wear mask and gel and keep a distance to comply with biosecurity measures, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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