Russian forces blew up a railway track in Irbin to make it difficult for Ukrainian civilians to evacuate

Ukrainians leave Irbin (Photo: nexta_tv)

The Russian declaration of a ceasefire was not fulfilled so that Ukrainian civilians could be evacuated from different cities. Vladimir Putin’s forces blew up train lines in Irvine. Civilians were to be evacuated there. However, despite the obligation to respect the humanitarian corridor, Moscow destroyed the fastest opportunity to escape from the cityKyiv neighbor.

Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko denounce it”Evacuation of women and children becomes impossible. It is now clear that the strategic objectives of the Russian army are in fact civilian“, He expressed.

At the same time, The evacuation of the residents of Mariupol, a strategic Ukrainian port besieged by Russian forces and their allies, Postponed due to multiple Russian ceasefire violationsthe mayor charged this Saturday.

the evacuation of civilians, which was to begin before noon,”It has been postponed due to security reasons“, since the Russian forces”Continue the bombing of Mariupol and its environs,” the mayor’s office announced on Telegram.

The municipality urged civilians who gathered at exit points from the city to “Back to the shelters“.

Vladimir Putin's forces blew up train lines in Irvine
Vladimir Putin’s forces blew up train lines in Irvine
The trains were to be used to evacuate civilians
The trains were to be used to evacuate civilians

Negotiations are underway with Russia to reach a (cease-fire) and ensure the establishment of a humanitarian corridor“, he added.

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Earlier, the Ukrainian Minister for the Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories said, Irina VereshukHe explained that the mediator for establishing humanitarian corridors and ensuring a ceasefire is Red Crossso About 200,000 people are expected to be evacuated.according to UNIAN.

The mayor’s office had previously reported the evacuation of the civilian population It starts at 11:00 local time and ends today at 16:00According to the Coordination Center headed by Pavel Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Civil and Military Administration.

People leaving Irvine (Photo: nexta_tv)
People leaving Irvine (Photo: nexta_tv)

It will be the chosen path of the human path Mariupol Nikolskoye Rozovka Polgi Orehov Zaporiya.

The evacuation will take place on municipal buses from three points in the city and in private carswhich must strictly adhere to a predetermined path, the city council said on its Telegram channel.

A bridge destroyed in Irvine (Photo: nexta_tv)
A bridge destroyed in Irvine (Photo: nexta_tv)

mayor of this city, Vadim BoychenkoHe explained that the task of the authorities is to protect the population, and that is when the city is “Under the merciless fire of the occupiers, there is no other decision than to give the residents the opportunity to leave Mariupol safely“.

Early Thursday morning, he said the city was on the brink of “humanitarian disaster“, on condition Mariupol was left without electricity, water and heating due to the constant bombardment by the Russian army.

He stated last night that the city was under siege by Russia.

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